Dental Implant Placements Perth

Placed Over 15000 Dental Implants since 1999 by Dr Jose' Nunes- Masters degree in Oral Implantology

Our clientele are wise grumpy old men - Don't waste  their time with false advertising or disregard their time with a slick pushy salesman, demanding a deposit , yet zero work is performed by them


Implant Bar Retained Dentures

For patients with minimal bone that lost teeth many decades ago.

ZERO movement on the denture.

Bone Grafting & Sinus Lift

The bony defect can be filled with bone graft material which can help regenerate lost bone, or...

Dental Implant Bridge

Dental Implant Bridge Costs and Treatment Options in Perth by Number of Implants and Teeth Units...When would an Implant Bridge not suit a patient?

Single Dental Implant

Cost of A Single Dental Implant in Perth, WA – Price List Comparison...

Same Day Dental Implant

What is a Same day Dental Implant and temporary Crown? What are the...

Smile Makeover

TA smile makeover is just as the word describes, teeth that fall within...

Tooth Implants Packages & Pricing for Sophisticated Solutions

Dental Implant

Non complex

Placement of Implant and Temporary Crown or Partial Denture

Within 70 minutes

Code 684, 634, 633


Single Tooth

Non complex

Placement of Implant and Porcelain Crown

Within 3-6 Months

Code 684, 691, 661, 672


Implant Bar Supported Denture + Implant

For patients with minimal bone on lower

Placement of Implants & Implant Bar with denture

3-6 Months

ZERO Movement on the denture


3 Unit
Implant Bridge

Non complex

Placement of 2 Implants and 3 Unit Implant Bridge

Within 2-6 Months with warranty


Meet Dr Jose' Nunes

BDS. PDD. (Implant), MSc. (Oral Implantology), DICOI
Diplomate of The ICOI

Dr Jose' Nunes completed his undergraduate studies and graduated from The University of the Witwatersrand with the degree of Bachelor of Dental Science and MSc. in Oral Implantology at Frankfurt with an average of 90% across all subjects.
He is one of only five Diplomates of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists in Western Australia.
Dr Jose' Nunes - Master degree of science in Oral Implantology

Recent Publication by Dr Jose' Nunes

International Dentistry Vol. 10 no 5 - October 2020, 14 page article.

Initial Consult

1: INITIAL consult 45 minutes – The greatest problem with our business Is the 3-4 week wait to see Dr Nunes 

Placement of the Implant

2: Placement of the Implant (non complex takes 20 minutes)

Return 3-6 Months Later

3: Return 3-6 months later for Stability Test ( ensures bone has integrated), place the Abutment and Zirconia Premium Crown (Takes 45 minutes)

3 Stages of Dental or Tooth Implants

Here at our Dental Implant Centre, we have a passion for what we do. Seeing our patients walk out of the clinic with stunning smiles on their face is our biggest reward.

One of the most common concerns patients have about implant surgery is the cost of the procedure. See our Google reviews- always seek personal referrals.

We know that the fear of debt and expensive procedures prevents many patients from undergoing much needed dental treatments. Quality does not mean unaffordable.

Dr Jose' Nunes uses products of premium quality to ensure that you receive excellent tooth implants at the best price available on the market.

Our state of the art dental implants Clinic equipped with the most advanced grafting and bone expansion equipment available in Perth and our prices are affordable and accommodates any budget. There is no need to empty your superannuation account to pay for the treatment. WE do not support using loans, instead roll out treatment according to your budget. 

Why Choose Us?

From evaluation process, treatment costs, surgery to final placement of the implant crown.

  • We only use Premium implants.
  • Our Crowns are layered Porcelain.
  • Our Service is the Best.
  • We are Happy to quote with No Bullying.
  • Our Work is beautiful.
    See our Hollywood clientele (Sexiest Man Alive)
  • All Work under 1 Roof. We do not Refer out.
  • Placing Dental Implants for 20 Years.
  • We Do Not Force you to Book.
  • We Respect your time & Never keep you waiting.
  • Our Price List is on our Website.
    Happy to provide Prices.
Tip 1 on how to secure the perfect dental implant fixed bridge treatment outcome

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