Health Funds – HBF, Medibank, HCF, NIB

Health Funds – HBF, Medibank, HCF, NIB

Loans for Dental Implants or Not?

There are 2 schools of thought here – We are on the NO loans side, we prefer our patients take the less stressful approach of placing 1 Implant per year and work according to their budget – there are many clinical aspects – you may need bone grafts to accommodate a certain amount of Dental Implants.

We do not want our patients facing large tedious loans post there surgery. Rather we formulate an achievable plan that both parties can commit to and outcome will result in a peaceful treatment plan and Yes it will take a few years but there will not be the sleepless nights. Should you decide to go with a loan than various loan companies do finance with Dentists in mind Maccredit loan , Penny Pinchers etc

All Perth based. When companies mention Loan Companies alongside their Adverts then be warned the costs are built in – If you are going to require a loan for urgent work FIRST find the best deal – then find the loan that will charge the lowest rates in Perth.

As a Dental Implant practice we lock pricing into the Financial affordable and have a Implant Price negotiator that helps the patient with all pricing aspects. At times we might roll the treatment out over 6 months to a year but it gives the patient time to save. Do not be bullied into completing Dental Implant treatments and if uncertain get 2nd and 3rd opinions.

Never jump into online Firesales on Dental Implant Offers or the pushy Sales/ Receptionist wanting an immediate answer. Caution here for Dental Implants is big business in Perth and Google, Firefox and Bing have Dentists hustling over their Rankings. 2018 brings with it an INFORMED consumer – a digital Perennial that seeks truth before tales.

Long gone is that consumer left alone to struggle information – these days – every price – treatment – scenario is not only online but has YouTube – months and months of online digital content to gather and upskill on.

The Uber effect on Dentistry 2018 The UBER effect in Dentistry for Dental Implants provides all the information they seek and will spend 3-4 hours after work upskilling themselves – the encyclopedia days are long gone – that lone voice with its single opinion is dead and buried.

What will my Health Care Fund contribute toward my dental Implant in Perth?

Health Care Fund Contribution towards Dental Implant

Step by step payments and costs that Your Health care fund will Contribute toward your Dental Implant

First Step: Call your Healthcare fund and find out “How much they cover for Major Dental?” A dental Implant falls under this category.

Step Two: Many of the Dental Codes WILL be covered under GENERAL DENTAL. For example, – the tooth extraction you may require, the dental code for the consult. The Xrays example a Dental Code 037 for an OPG is covered under general dental. Dental Implant code 684 is $1580 with Dr Jose’ Nunes

Step Three: Your Dentist carrying out the procedure will welcome you to bring in your Health Care card and do a quote on the HICAPS machine, which will give you an EXACT The idea of how much you will be out of pocket.

Step Four: If the Dental Implants Clinic does not offer you this service then demand it. Any good Dental Implants surgeon and their team will be more than happy to take the time. Many Dentists may ask you to call your Healthcare fund yourself but this is time-consuming and not a consumer-based dental implant practice.

Step Five: Ask for the Fine print? And answers to these following questions in writing.

  • If I will require extra bone augmentation on the day of surgery, what will I be the charge?
  • If I require membrane on the day of surgery, what will I be charged?
  • Are there any hidden dental codes that could arise on the day of surgery?

These questions will give you insight into what Codes are that could add to your costs.

Step Six: Find a Dental Implants surgeon that includes all extra findings. Should they need additional bone augmentation or membrane, then the onus is on them to cover the costs, not the patient. You would have had a very expensive Xray called a CONE BEAM, and this gives the surgeon 360-degree views of your bone, sinus, teeth, and nerves. They will carefully plan your Implant accordingly and quote you on findings.

Step Seven: Lock in a price that Is all-inclusive, In medicine today there is little space for a value price, we do not have the luxury of open checkbooks or Neverending resources to throw at treatment. Let’s say your Healthcare fund contributes $2000 towards Major Dental.

For a single Dental Implant inclusive of the crown you will look at $3750 – take away the $2000, then you will be $1750 out of pocket. Still, due to General dental services that are also carried out, this is usually brought down to $890.00 out of pocket for your Dental Implant BUT….. If you carry out this service for over two years, then you will not be out of pocket at all. Hence as a Dental Implant Clinic, we often see a rush of treatment in December as patients take advantage of their health care fund allowance, and then they restore the Implant 3 months later in the new calendar year – this leaves them with no Funds whatsoever to contribute for their dental Implant treatments in PERTH WA.


  • Immediate Replacement: Tooth removed and immediately replaced with an Implant titanium screw.
  • Immediate Loading: Same day Implant screw is placed, a few hours later, a temporary healthcare crown placed.

First thing! Call your Healthcare Fund in for example, HCF, Bupa, HBF, Medibank etc. and enquire about your Yearly Major Dental Limit.

Points to Remember a Dental Implant can unfold over a year or 2, even more, Many patients choose the placement of the Dental Implant titanium screw in the first year and restore as their financial position allows, always check and recheck what the hidden costs are and what you would be liable? An informed patient makes informed decisions.

HCF Dentist Dental Implant Perth $240 Gap Payment

As an HCF Health care Member – What are your Dollars you will spend out of pocket? as an HCF preferred provider Searching for HCF Dentist Dental Implant Placements Perth Dr Jose’ Nunes for patients seeking.

The very first point with HCF is to call them directly and ensure you do have cover for Implants as many clients find that they have no protection at all under HCF for implant treatment.

HCF Dentist Dental Implant placed (based on $2000 Major Dental Cover) for Health Insurance cover on dentistry.

Remember the Dental Implant and Dental crown do not fall under the same category and fall under different ADA Codes.

  • Code 684 Place a Dental Implant ( 2 Stage process)- HCF Contribute $1100 – $252- $352 OUT OF POCKET
  •  Code 661 Osstell ISQ techno reading Bone Integration levels $300. HCF Contribute $200- $100 Out of pocket with HBF Private Dental Implants cover / Major Dental
  • Code 691 Precision Impressions and Abutment $599 – HCF Contribute $430 – $170-190 OUT OF POCKET

Depending on the Cover you HCF offers you may have to wait till the next Financial Year for the NEXT stage although the MOST cover.

  • Code 672 Porcelain Dental Implant Crown$999 – HCF Contribute $570-770 – $230 – $470  OUT OF POCKET.

TOTAL OUT OF POCKET for a Dental Implant is $1040 HCF Dentist with our rates (Possible treatment over 2 Financial years) Pricing Trends for Dental Implants In Perth 2018.

What will you need to obtain a quote from HCF Health Fund Cover?

  • Provider Number of Dentist who will be placing the Dental Implant (This is specific to the Address as well as Practitioner).
  • The Exact Dental Codes the HCF Dentist will use during the Dental Implant procedure. Code 684 or Code 688 Ask the clinic if there are any hidden expenses you could occur during this procedure as NO ONE wants Hidden costs) Major Dental cover and health insurance for tooth implant HCF preferred provider.
  • Provide HCF Fund with dates from HCF Dentist Dental Implant and EXACT dates you plan on the Dental Implant procedures; this will ensure you have a correct Out of pocket quote you might have to contact the HCF dentist Dental Implants Clinic and lock down a Time and Date schedule.
  • HCF Contact Number for the Upfront Financial Contributions and rebate, HCF will make towards your Dental Implant treatment. The Most Affordable Dental Implant in Perth with the Best specialist.

For patients considering to define dental implant treatment the implant information, we supply to HCF.

In regards to the life of dental implants or dentures implants options on kinds of dental implants, we could offer an HCF patient. For small dental implants in a narrow buccal plate, we provide piccolo implants affordable dental implants treatment. When to get dental implants is a confusing time as well as concerns for the warranty on complex cases.

That require multiple bone grafts, and we explain how to rebuild bone loss in teeth for best tooth implants on the market.

What are dental implants used for is the first consideration for latest dental implant techniques when quoting a patient for HCF dental implants with major cover.

Medibank Private Dentist | Dental Implants Perth WA

As a Medibank Private  Health Fund care Member – What is your out of pocket costs with Dental Implant Placements Perth Dr Jose’ Nunes?

Dr Jose Nunes - Medibank

Qualifications of Dr Jose Nunes, Placing Implants for 20 years : Over 14000 Dental Implants placed

Medibank Private Dentist Dental Implants placed ( $2000 Major Dental Cover)

  • 1st Stage Dental Code 684 Place a Dental Implant  ( 2 Stage process)- Medibank Private Contribute $1580 – $552 OUT OF POCKET
  • 2nd Stage Code 661 Osstell ISQ techno reading Bone Integration levels $399.
  •  Medibank  Private Contribute $200- $100 Out of pocket with Medibank Private Dentist Dental Implants cover / Major Dental
  • 3rd Stage Code 691 Precision Impressions and Abutment $599 – Medibank Private Contribute $430 – $170-190 OUT OF POCKET might be subject to 2 Years Financial Cover Medibank  Private preferred provider
  • 4th stage Final Code 672 Porcelain Dental Implant Crown$1199 – Medibank Private Contribute $570-770 – $230 – $470  OUT OF POCKET

TOTAL OUT OF POCKET for a Dental Implant is $1040 Medibank Private Dentist with our rates ( Possible  treatment over 2 Financial years) Pricing Trends for Dental Implants In Perth 2020

Medibank Private dentist for Dental Implants  Link to Google Maps

What will you need to obtain a quote from Medibank Private Cover?

  • Provider Number of Dentist who will be placing the Dental Implant.  This is specific to the Address as well as Practitioner
  • The Exact Dental Codes the Medibank Dentist will use during the Dental Implant procedure.
  • Code 684 or 688 Ask the clinic if there are any hidden expenses.  NO ONE wants Hidden expenses
  • Provide Medibank Private with the EXACT dates you plan on the Dental Implant procedures. Ensure you have a correct Out of pocket quote.
  • One of the Highest contributors Medibank private dentist Dental Implants. Clinic will lock down a Time and Date schedule for your info.
  •  More rebate for dental implants  by Medibank Private Contact Number for the Up front Financial Contributions and rebate. Medibank preferred provider.

HBF Preferred Provider Dentist Dental Implants Perth Provider

As an HBF Member –  what is your cost for an Implant?

HBF dentist Perth Dental Imp

with Dental Implant Placements Perth Dr Jose’ Nunes for patients seeking members plus

Cost of Single Dental Implant for HBF members : Non-complex ( implant-abutment-crown) $3404, Complex  : ( implant -bone-abutment-crown) $3750. Emergency dental Implant + temporary Crown : Within 24 hours $2740.

HBF  Dentist Dental Implant placed ( based on $1800 Major Dental Cover)

Remember the Dental Implant and Dental crown as of 2019  fall under the same category brentwood, bicton, bibra lake, ardross, booragoon, mount pleasant,applecross

  • Code 684 Place a Dental Implant – HBF Contribute $1100 – $270 OUT OF POCKET
  •  Code 691 Osstell ISQ techno reading Bone Integration levels $300.  HBF Contribute $200- $100 Out of pocket with HBF Private Dental Implants cover / Major Dental
  • Code 661 Precision Impressions and Abutment $599 – HBF Contribute $430 – $170-190 OUT OF POCKET for HBF preferred provider

Depending on the Cover you HBF offers you may have to wait till the next Financial Year for the NEXT stage although MOST cover

– Code 672 Porcelain Dental Implant Crown$999 – HBF Contribute $570-770 – $230 – $280  OUT OF POCKET for HBF preferred provider

TOTAL OUT OF POCKET for a Dental Implant is $1040 HBF Dentist with our rates (Possible  treatment over 2 Financial years) Pricing Trends for Dental Implants In Perth 2019  for HBF preferred provider.

What will you need to obtain a quote from HBF Cover?

  • Provider Number of  your Dentist who will be placing the Dental Implant ( This is specific to the Address as well as Practitioner)
  • Exact Dental Codes  from your HBF Dentist will use during the Dental Implant procedure.  Code 684 or Code 688 Ask the clinic if there are any hidden expenses you could occur during this procedure as NO ONE wants Hidden expenses)
  • Provide HBF Fund with dates from HBF preferred provider Dentist Dental Implant  and EXACT dates you plan on the Dental Implant procedures, this will ensure you have a correct Out of pocket quote you might have to contact the HBF dentist Dental Implants Clinic and lock down a Time and Date schedule
  • HBF Contact Number for the Up front Financial Contributions and rebate , HBF will make towards your dental Implant treatment
  • For HBF dental providers near me with major dental cover and no waiting period for your dental Implants , there is no out of pocket expense for dental implants as we charge $1200 for Code 684 HBF Health fund dental implant cover in Perth WA

Within 2 minutes of our practice Willeton, Brentwood, Applecross, Ardross, Mount Pleasant, Como, Salter POint, Bicton, Booragoon, Myaree.

HBF Member Plus Cost for Dental Implants

AS of the 1st January 2019 all Members Plus Dentists will completely change and all Dental Practices will need re apply for the NEW 2019 HBF Members Plus Rules.


Cost of a Dental Implant is dependent on 4 Factors

  1. First stage placement of the Code 684 First stage.
  2. Second Stage – Osstell ISQ readings of Bone Integration.
  3. Third Stage of a Dental Implant Treatment – High precision Impressions and Abutment.
  4. 4th Stage – Placement of the Premium Porcelain Crown with Gold screw.
HBF fund Single Implant Procedure HBF Health FUND Patients Dental Implant Placements PerthCostNotes
Single Implant – 0.5g Biomaterial Graft for HBF – all 4 stages
– 1g Bone Graft with single Implant treatment
– 2g Graft with single Implant treatment
Initial consultation with Dr Nunes for HBF members



Start to finish – HBF Implant through to Porcelain Crown (no bone graft required
– (Implant through to crown) with 0.5 gram bone graft included
– (HBF Tooth Implant through to crown) with 2 grams bone graft included Treatment options and costs
Pre-surgical diagnostics for dental implant for HBF Code 026 $137 Code 089 $178$320Teeth Implant 3D cone beam
Surgical Tooth Extraction Code 322 code 323 code322 is capped at for HBF members for Implant Treatment$149 per ToothFor Surgical Extraction during Dental Implant treatment of HBF member
Implant Placement : Code 684$1,580 per implantNon complex Single Tooth Implant placement -No restoration
Stage 2 – Bone Integration readings : Code 691

Stage 3 – Abutment + High Precision Impressions : Code 661

Permanent porcelain crown with Gold screw : Code 672


$1399 per tooth replaced
The permanent dental crown restoration can normally be attached after 12 – 16 weeks
of healing post-implant placement
Affordable Dental Implants Same Day Dental Implant and Temporary Crown (smile line)$2740For HBF members Same Day Implant is $430 Out of Pocket for the $2440 Treatment
All-on-4 Procedure for HBF Fund patientsCostNotes
Initial HBF Member Dental Implant consultation for dental implant cost comparison$34Implant Treatment options quote and Consult All on 4 NO Gap for Consult with HBF
Pre-surgical diagnostics for All on 4 Code 026 $137 Code 089 $178$320Dental Implant for 3D Cone Beam All on 4
Surgical Tooth Extraction is capped at for HBF members$149 per tooth 
All on 4 for HBF members
All on 6 for HBF members
All-on-4 or All-on-6 with Permanent Teeth Implants alongside Permanent Fixed Appliance
TAKE NOTE: Yearly Maintenance of All-on-4 is required (upfront quotes essential)
Removable Implant Supported Denture (Anti-aging design)$2600 per archExtreme attention placed on Facial and Advanced Impression protocols (does not include the HBF Dental Implants)
Removable Acrylic – porcelain or zirconia permanent restoration with Implant Surgery – 4 Implants$12950 per archA stronger restoration and carries a 7 year warranty on breakages for All on 4 – WARRANTY for HBF
Same Day Dental Implant also called Same Day Tooth – Smile Line Only Co-axis Angled Dental Implant for Superior Emergence Profile$2740 Cost Out of Pocket $430Placement of Implant and Temporary Crown within 10 hours (Non complex) for HBF Perth WA Same day dental Implant Treatment with HBF gap saver of out of pocket
Post op Check at Day 2, Day 10,6 Months and 12 MonthsNo chargefor HBF health fund members

Australian Health Funds: Comparative Chart

The chart below demonstrates current rebates for Health Care providers in Australia HBF, Medibank, NIB, HIF, AHM, and HCF based on 2020 rates

Australian Health Funds contribute on average more than 60% of the Implant placement cost of $1580 with Major Dental Cover in 2020 Health fund financial year.

Australian HEALTH FUND chart as of April 2020
*rates change without notice
Rebates on Implant Codes
HBF rebates chart on implants
with Major Dental for Code 684 $1580
Low Cover: Gap is $981

Medium Cover: Gap is $749

High Cover: Gap is $30
Medibank chart for rebates on implants for April 2020
with Major Dental Code 684 $1580
Low Cover (Basic): Gap is $875

Medium Cover: Gap is $775

High Cover: Gap is $80
HCF Price chart on implant rebates April 2020

with Major Dental $1600

Low Cover (Basic): Gap is $894

Medium Cover: Gap is $712

High Cover: Gap $341
NIB chart for implant rebates West Australia April 2020

with Major Dental Code 684 $1280

Low Cover: Gap is $589

Medium Cover: Gap is $367

High Cover: Gap $88
Best Dental Implants Price Comparison Across Perth

Best Dental Implants Price Comparison Across Perth

DENTAL IMPLANTS COSTDr Jose’ NunesPerth WA AverageAustralian Average
Single Tooth Dental Implant ($AUD) unrestored$1580.00$1690.00 – $3500$1500-$3400
Single Tooth Dental Implant ($AUD) restored uncomplex$3750$3750- $9500$3500-$9000
Single Front Tooth Dental Implant + Temp crown Un-complex$2740 in 70 minutes$6000- $9300 in 24 hours$3700- $8900 in 24 hours
Cost of Consult$55$39- $290$36-$290
Post op Check-upFREEFree- $290Free- $275
Post OP care PACK
with Implant Record card- mouthwash etc
WARRANTY5 year surgical
Exclusive to us

Lifetime Body
1 year surgical

Lifetime Body
1 year surgical

Lifetime Body
Best dental implant price

Cost of Restoration (Crown and Abutment) compare across Australia

Comparison Cost: Unrestored Implant ($1580 to $3500). Restored Tooth Implant ($3404 to $9500).

Implant-crown is $1199 Cost of consult (FREE to $290) around West Australia.

  • Single premium SOUTHERN IMPLANT+ porcelain fused to metal crown *$3750 for dental implants Price comparison All 4 Stages
  • NOBEL BIOCARE Implant Premium single Dental Implant + porcelain fused to metal crown *$3900 All 4 Stages
  • OSSTEM Premium single Dental Implant + porcelain fused to metal crown *$3750 All 4 Stages
  • Same Day Implant non complex and Temporary Dental Implant Crown $2740 All 4 Stages in 70 minutes
  • Dental Implants Price variance : Same Hour Implant + Temporary crown in 70 minutes in Australian prices of Implants
compare cost of implant and crown $2740
  • Complete Dental implant single Non restored placement | surgery + Implant (Upper or lower jaw) Cost is $1580
  • 2nd Stage – Read Bone integration levels and stability on the Osstell ISQ | investigate if tooth ready to load $399 Cost guide
  • 3rd Stage – Dental Implant Impressions and Abutment $599
  • 4th Stage Place Premium Porcelain Dental Implant Crown $1199

* WE DO NOT USE any incompatible Components (Original components From start to finish ONLY) the Above is based on Medical history and 3D X-ray in support of treatment, Cost of a Dental Implant Placement and Crown based on no complications (Bone graft or Sinus lift) see RISKS and warnings

Treatment Options for Dental Implants Price resemblance

  • To replace a missing Single Tooth the cost of dental implant across Perth WA. Ranges from $1580 to $2200 cost of a dental implant by Dentists in Perth.
  • For 2 or more teeth moving onto a more in depth approach. Using a Dental Implant Supported Bridge see article on Cost of a Single Dental Implant in Perth WA.
  • Same day Dental Implant – also referred to as Immediate Loaded Dental Implant $2740 the best dental implant. As a result treatment Options for either an Upper or Lower Arch in Perth in cost of dental implant.
  • After Consult (Cost $55) with our Implant clinician – Dr Jose’ Nunes. Our focus always placed on either Entire Arch on the Patients upper or lower jaw. Leading onto the next level comprehensive case of Fixed Bridges. Replacing ALL your teeth using Bridges across the Arch at Dental Implant Placements, replacing from 12 to 14 Teeth (approximate 4 Bridges). As a rule these are fixed prosthesis and are not removable at all by the patient. Dr Jose’ Nunes Aesthetic care and diligence to the premium Porcelain finish for most Natural outcome. The cost of dental Implant is at play here, the more implants the patient can afford, the more structure to the Implant bridges.
  • All things considered the All -on 4 solution or widely known as Teeth in day treatment options. Popular for the past number of years in Perth WA. For Perth patients with problems on Dentures that do not fit the patient due to a changing bone. The follow on negative aspect is a patient complains the feel is unnatural and we highly advise this for lower jaw only. The denture-type prosthesis is larger than that of the Fixed bridge option mentioned in prior point. We find that speech for instance is effected for the upper jaw treatment. With time a patient could work through but warnings prior are imperative and there are in depth discussions with Dr Jose’ Nunes on BEST outcome see Face-lift Dentistry and benefits.
  • In essence the most common approach and your last Option in which 3 to 4 Dental Implants are placed into your jaw the Implant supported denture for premium retention. Alongside the Comfort system for Implant dentures the form of retention is excellent.There are 4 different levels of comfort and attachment retention which make for patient comfort from see picture /Illustration. Retention adjustment from Dental Implant to Denture range from levels zero- low-medium and High.
  • Our Patients ascertain the comfort level according to Ease with which Denture can be removed. The price per dental Implant for a Comfort Adjustment Implant DENTURE is $1300 price of a dental implant for each Implant placed – this is for Screw only and excludes the Comfort adjust system which costs $300 per set. With the Full cost of a Dental Implant denture placed at $2100 per Implant placement – comfort Adjust connectors (this excludes the Anti-aging Denture with our best dental implant system) for the best dental implant Dental Implant Cost guide.

Compare Dental Implants Price

Costs Comparison between Australian dentists.

The average cost and prices in West Australia range form $2999 to $9600 for a complete treatment process from start to finish : Implant-Abutment-Crown.

Implant clinics focused on these specific treatments are usually priced with a Transparent approach, as the average price for a treatment goes as high as $6500 to $9000 for the exact same treatment on a referral basis. The contrast estimates for expenses related to placing the initial Titanium screw treatment range from $1280 to $3500.

The fee for this initial First stage placement and surgery phase varies from Implant clinic to Implant clinic. Dr Jose’ Nunes rate is from $1280 to $1452 to place the Initial First stage screw: Has placed over 14000 Implants and started placing in 1999. In comparison to the average Perth Implant clinician charging $1790 to $3500.

To correlate the difference between fee structures and the vast variation, falls squarely on business models, overheads alongside demand in Perth to find reasoning in comparisons.

Affordable Dental Implants Contrast Pricing Step by Step

  • Comparative Dental Websites to compare cost of dental Implants
  • Cost for a full mouth of Implants?
  • Can you use super annuation for dental implants?
  • Compare your quote or Treatment Plan
  • What is the average cost of a Dental Implant?
  • How long does a dental Implant take?
  • What is an All-on-4 Denture?
  • Can you get a Dental Implant in one day?
  • Cost for Same day Dental Implants in a Day?
  • Price for 1 false tooth.
  • Youtube Compare costs Implants

Dr Jose’ Nunes charge All 4 stages $3750 – Non Complex. Complex treatment with Bone Graft $3950.

From start to finish for Dental Codes 684,691.661 and 672 compare costs Dental Implants.

Comparative Dental Websites such as and Whatclinic as well as a newcomer I Need a dentist. carries the Dental codes of 40 dentists in Perth WA and for a Fee (Approximately $100 per annum) can point you in the direction of the most affordable dental implants in Perth.

Whatclinic is an advertised space that Dentists buy and can advertise their pricing – not nearly as detailed as Smile pricing but this service is FREE to the public on a Comparison price search for Tooth implants.

Ineedadentist is a paid for service offered to dentists that allow them contact with patients seeking a comparative like for like quote on dental implant treatments and protocols.

  • North of River $3999 all 4 stages – 5 Star Google Reviews
  • East of River $4499 all 4 stages East Perth 5 Star Facebook reviews
  • West of River – WEST PERTH 5 star reviews
  • Mandurah from $6500 all 4 stages (Mandurah implant prices are 35% higher than the Perth average)
  • Subiaco Dental Implants 5 Star reviews $60
  • Mundaring $3500 all 4 stages
  • Perth CBD $4000
  • West Perth – No price mentioned just finance

Full Mouth Dental Implants

Set of Dental Implants per jaw costs $29000 (8 Implants and 12 Teeth units)

How much does it cost to replace all your teeth? (mandible or maxilla)

A full set of Dental Implants per jaw (mandible or maxilla) costs $26000 (8 Implants and 12 Teeth units).
There are many variations of colour, quality and Aesthetic result in regards beautiful fixed bridgework.

Expense / Cost for a full set of dental implants per jaw?

Dental Implants Full set per jaw costs $29000 (6 Implants and 12 Teeth units) for Phonares teeth which are premium quality with exceptional Aesthetic outcome. As far as thin feminine incisal edge for correct ratio in micro result.

Can you use Super annuation for Dental Implants?

Many Dental Implant Clinics advertise PAYMENT using your Super Annuation. When is it a Great idea and finding a pathway that does not Utilize all your Super. There are many more situations you could require Your Super – Consider your Overall Health prior.
Orthopaedics Cancer IVF Services and Funding Reconstructive Surgery Eye Surgery.
Has the Dental Implant clinic requested history of your Super before providing a quote.
Were you targeted for the Treatment through an advert advertising ” Use of Super”.

Super Funds – What and when for Cheap Implant Teeth?

Critical and again need to emphasize – SHOP AROUND
get a 2nd, 3rd and even 4th Opinion and TREATMENT PLAN QUOTE.
The Average Cost of All-on 6 Implant Supported Denture for Maxilla is $29000 and Mandible $29000 – Compare the cost of your Dental Implant treatment plan.

Compare your Quote or TREATMENT PLAN with 3- 10 Dentists via a quick CLICK for cheap Implant teeth

  • The digital Email is a click away – Email your treatment plan to at least 10 Quality, Qualification Comparative Dental Implant Clinic, these days a clinic is happy to quote on dental codes that are quoted as it is a simple 5 minute for the staff to email you their comparative treatment plan back
  • Once you have received the quotes – compare qualifications, Google reviews and Warranty
  • compare Apples with Apples. These days the Average Upper All-n 6 denture High end is $50 000 Per jaw (Maxilla or Mandible) – Middle Range price $40 000 per jaw and the competitive Perth Dental Implant Clinic range at $29000 per jaw for Upper or lower All-on-6 Implants with Implant supported denture and all tooth extractions inclusive.

What is the average cost of dental implants?

January 2020 in West Australia for cheap Implant Teeth, The average cost and Total of a dental implants treatment is $3750 to $4500 (all 4 Stages) with some dentists charging up to $9000 for a single Implant treatment.

How much does the all on 4 dental implant cost?

4 Dental Implants supporting a Removable Upper or lower Denture $1780 with as much as $45000 at some leading Implant clinics.

How long does dental implant surgery take?

The Surgical aspect of a Dental Implant will take 20-30 minutes but there is much to carry out regarding sterilization in WA – a 60 minute allocation from start to finish is fair.

Prices for implants teeth?

All 4 stages $3750 non complex from start to finish * Dental Codes 684,691.661 and 672

What does All-on-4 Denture cost for four implants and denture?

4 Dental Implants supporting a Removable Upper or lower Denture $17800. 2nd Option a Fixed Bridge supporting a FIXED appliance compare price dental implants

Can I get a dental implant in one day?

YES – Remove tooth root and Place Implant (non complex) – a Temporary Crown is placed cost $2740.

Cost for Same day teeth in a day?

A Same day Dental Implant costs $2740 (includes placing dental implant and Temporary Crown).

Price for one false tooth?

A false tooth – single Unit is $390 HCF Contribution

Expense for a Cheap implant Teeth?

All 4 stages $3750 from start to finish *Dental Codes 684,691.661 and 672. Single Dental Implant complete treatment start at $3750. Multiple Single Dental Implants complete treatment from $2950 for 7 plus Implants each.

Implant Supported Bridge at $7800, Removable Denture with 4-6 Implants from $17800 compare price dental implant.

Fixed Bridge with 6 Implants $29000 (6 Implants) for 8-12 Teeth.

The NEXT Section will focus on SINGLE Dental Implant TREATMENT INFORMATION and COSTS in PERTH (further on advice on multiple Implants). The Treatment seems confusing – This Article SIMPLIFIES Each stage and Illustrates each stage and cost.

Patient was advised from Dentist that you are about to lose a vital tooth. Perhaps you have had a tooth missing for a while.A Dental Implant is required as you do not want to damage teeth adjacent for a regular Bridge and a Denture is out of the question.

You live in Perth WA and there are many Dentists online offering great deals at great prices Where do you start? Google SEARCH Machine.

The 8 STEPS Compare costs dental implants for Affordable Dental or Tooth Implants in Perth WA let’s compare price dental implants Perth

1) What Health Care fund is best for Dental Implants

Usually the likes of NIB, HBF, HCF, Medibank Private, AHM etc. will leave you little out of pocket. There are many dentists placing Dental Implants in Perth that fall into the Financial Allowance. Called ” Major Dental Cover” and for under $2000 you will not be out of pocket.

Lesson here- This is to place the Dental Implant only – you might need to use your health care fund next financial year to restore it as there are 4 stages to a Dental Implant treatment).

We have some excellent articles which give you exact monetary rebate or gap value from the following

How much will Medibank Contribute? How much will HBF contribute? How much will HCF contribute?

The First stage of the Implant Treatment is Called Dental Code 684 (It is critical to not confuse Dental Codes)

How much are Dental Implants Perth WA cost Dental Code 684: Price $1580 Dr Jose’ Nunes in Perth WA Perth Average $1580 to $2250

TIME : 60 Minutes Perth Average 60 minutes to 90 minutes Compare Price Dental Implants

Question: How will I know what my Health Care fund contributes In my search for Cheap Implant Teeth?

1- Give us a call and make an Appointment with our Implant Negotiator, She will run through our Hicaps machine on a quote and find out what you will be ” Out of pocket for?” if anything many patients get a GAP SAVER benefit from their Health care FundGap Saver benefits

2- Consult Evaluation Code

A Consult (Dental Code 011 – $55) with Dr Jose’ Nunes costs $55 Dental Code Costs and is usually completely covered under your Health Care Fund. This will confirm that you are a candidate and he will send you off for a 3D X-ray before you spend the money on the Xray – we confirm you have no Health problems that might effect a positive outcome.

(The benefit of this Xray is we can quote you on exactly what is required for your dental implant placement and this same Xray can be used at multiple dentists to compare quotes. Don’t take our word for it compare price dental implants for Cheap Implant teeth.

WE usually recommend patients visit Envision Medical Imaging in Subiaco or Booragoon either Tom or Bernard Koong complete the report (Prf. Koong is the Highest Qualified Oral and maxillofacial radiologist around).

The X-ray mean everything to us – should Dr Nunes commit to your treatment and placement of your Dental Implants then at 3-6 months when we carry out 2nd stage and check the bone Integration readings on our Osstell ISQ machine – should your Implant have failed – we replace it FREE of charge with no costs whatsoever to yourself.

3 -Report

(3D) and outcome of the scan – of this there Is no charge, this is an informal meeting side by side where he discusses what bone you have available, what size Dental Implants he can place, if he should require a bone graft etc.

We will want to see Photographs of what you seek, possibly old Photographs if your teeth have worn or missing. Provision of any side profile photographs you may have from older photographs. On your journey for Cheap Implant Teeth.

Colour is critical – should you have a Natural tooth that has a specific colour or shading. Dr Nunes maps out in order to match (we never want your Dental Implant Crowns to look like solid lumps of colour).

4 – Should you have a Health Care Fund

Confirm the quote we have provided, you falls inline with the recommendations Dr Nunes has made. Check with your fund on gaps that need to be paid when having your Dental Implant placed.

Bone grafts required extensive work or possibly even a sinus lift then he will break the work down into The one financial year to the next and also ensure you are not out of pocket.

This will add a time frame to your treatment but it does ensure you get the very best treatment. NOTE: The Implant Negotiator will provide all the costs and structure the treatment out in such a way that you are not Out of Pocket.

This is Critical a Clinic who advise and upskill with with information regarding your search How much are DENTAL Implants PERTH WA. Should you have no access to a Health Care fund we will negotiate a deal you can afford. Your new smile in a day or new teeth implant a critical focus in our Implant clinic.

5 – You are now ready to book

You will receive a script for antibiotics and receive a briefing with Tess Nunes regards The Treatment.

Clinical part of placing the Dental Implant will unfold. Should any of these Dental Implants fall in your Smile line, then a little more time will be taken for a video and Photographs – Teeth in your Smile line area are of Aesthetic critical importance.

There will be discussion based on color, hue transparency of the Dental Implant Crown once you reach that stage for tooth implant options in dental crowns.

Angled Dental Implants for cheap implant Teeth

Angled Co-axis dental Implants are a large part of Dr Nunes practice which allows a beautiful emergence profile for Front Teeth and AESTHETICS. End result are an integral part of the Entire treatment.

Compare price dental implants in Perth prior at least 2 to 3 Opinions.

Once you make the Booking for placement of the Implant you will receive our After Hours Number – there is no question that you should not ask even at the last minute and we only go to bed at 10pm, you are welcome to message us till late.

Note: Anyone who takes Dental Implants seriously will provide their after hours number and this is your first requirement in Diligence to care.

Interest in the care of your patient is critical over the next 48 hours – communication is critical, if they don’t provide an After Hours Contact (That they actually answer) They don’t take their treatment seriously. You have queried on healthy dental implants and the latest dental implant techniques- we offer Transparent dental costs of dental implants

6- What if you need Multiple Dental Implants

To Compare costs Dental Implants and keep within the budget of your Health Care fund. In our case at

Dr Nunes also trains Dentists place Dental Implants and from time to time will require total costs of dental implants patients who have offered to have their treatment undertaken during a training session. There will be multiple sets of eyes as well as chatting during the treatment but the cost is well below.

Do not hesitate in contacting us if you would like to put your name forward for this for a minimum cost to yourself. This is similar to the placing of Dental Implant through the various Training institutes and Universities training total costs of dental implants their Dental Students except, it it always Dr Nunes but has a coaching agreement with dentists who watch the procedure, especially in advanced cases such as Sinus lifts, large bone grafts etc.

The type of dentist for implants or different teeth implants we offer great care whether the Implant is for free or not. What are dental implants like and we do offer all dental implant techniques especially for a patient requiring a new implant.

Training Sessions

The cost per Dental Implant placed for training sessions is usually $1000 per Dental Implant. You will need to join a waiting list and we might call you in sooner if your case represents a scenario that Dr Nunes is case specific and needs to coach on.

To have your dental Implants placed in a training situation is very cost effective and we seek out the restoration and conversion into a Denture (if this is the case) with a cost effective outcome as well.

For a missing tooth implant we trust dental implants lifetime yet in truth implants will last as long as your own natural teeth and at some point the body can no longer hold your teeth for whatever reason. Replacing teeth with implants for that smile in a day dental implants total costs of dental implants

WARNING – Should your Health care fund not have enough funds – let’s find out if we can use your case in a training situation, but whatever you do, you do not need to head to Bali or Thailand for treatment, many Perth Dentists are negotiable, all you need to do is ask (also always check up on their Dental Implant training). IN our case Dr Nunes is 50 this year and often jokes that his grey hairs have taught him a thing or 2.

Dr Jose’ Nunes has a Post Grad in Dental Implants and has been placing since 1999, He qualified as a Dentist in 1993. We do offer Dental Implants for FREE if you participate in an Educational Course that Dr Nunes offer see Intensive Discussion Stages of Dental Implants compare price dental implants.

Should you have access to NO funds and LIVE in Perth – Please email us at total costs of dental implants.

7- The day of the Surgery

Dress warm and always arrive with a meal onboard- Always warm hands and a warm jacket – our surgical Room is kept very cool for sterilisation and even though you will be covered in a drape, the temperature of 18 degrees will be chilly total costs of dental implants.

Provide a warm blanket under the drape as well. You are welcome to bring in your own music or we are happy to accommodate music of your own choice.

Left to our own devices at our clinic you will be subjected to Johnny Cash of which I am a huge fan or perhaps Relax and Unwind soft music which is the choice of Dr Nunes during surgery.

8- How can you obtain Dental Implants in Perth through your Health Care Fund with a No Gap with HBF.

Compare costs Yoking to Nedlands for all 4 stages

Post Surgery, you will leave only once Dr Jose Nunes has given the go ahead, we have spare treatment room where you can recover if you need. Never ever rush you out and we will be at your side the entire time. To compare costs dental implants from Mandurah to Mindarie.

Further more we require a meal before you arrive will allow a peaceful treatment with minimal side effects. Multiple reminders on having eaten before treatment. We are also happy for a friend or family member to join you.

Incredible Collection of National Geographic. Dating back as far as 1973 and in pristine condition that offer for great reading.

Transport or a Driver day of Treatment for Multiple Dental Implants

For some patients we understand you might need be brought in by Taxi. We will walk you out and hand you over to the Uber/ Taxi or Ola to ensure you have left safely. PLEASE let us know in advance if you are catching a Cab as we want to make sure you are not standing outside waiting alone. Passenger Transport Vehicle

Within 3-4 days after treatment- we call and text and ensure you are following all our post operative protocols. Above is a YouTube whereby Dr Jose’ Nunes briefs on care post your Dental Implant surgery.

Reminder that you will be provided with our After Hours number and that you never ever hesitate an After Hour call to us – There is no question too stupid to ask only a stupid answers

9 : At day 3 to 4 we will ask to see you – This is no Charge to the patient and we can check up on any sutures and healing process. This is also a great time for any questions with Dr Nunes – post your surgery

AT 7 to 10 days after surgery Dr Nunes will remove any stitches that have not dissolved

Perth WA Northern Corridor in Perth WA – Postal Codes (Perth North of River) Dental Implant cost guide

6030 to 6014:

– Treatment all inclusive of Implant Dental Crown Price for Radiant Smiles $3999 price comparison.

– Dentistryplus $3499 and and claims ” They will beat any quote”

– Duncraig Village Dental from $4000

– All 4 stages for treatment inclusive of Implant Dental Crown Starting from $4500 Perth Dental Implant Centre and First stage $1850 following dental implant price comparison

Perth WA Eastern Corridor – Postal Codes – Inland to the East

6073 – 6082:

– Placement through to crown of Implant Dental Crown Price Starting from $3500 Mundaring Dental Centre for single Implant all stages

– Cost of Implant Dental Crown Price advertised at $4499 or $1750 for 1st stage

Perth WA Southern Corridor (South of River) from Fremantle to Canning Vale

In the following list we have HIGHLIGHTED our pricing in RED

There are has been overnight changes implemented from Major

Health Funds having put their feet down and allocated rates

for Implant Dental Codes that fall within reasonable rates

compare prices of Dental Implants link to Google list

Costs and Codes of dental implants

You need a dental implant, you have a gap in your smile or perhaps lost teeth over the years and require a permanent solution. You call your Healthcare fund In Perth WA and they ask what dental codes you will require? This article provides an update on common Dental Implant Codes used in Australia for Dental Implants or related codes you will require over the various stages of Dental Implants here in Perth WA with the average price you might be quoted as a comparison and step by step guide to costs of dental implants in Perth WA.

The First cost you will encounter is Code 011 – Dr Jose’ Nunes charges $55. This is a comprehensive appointment with your Dentist or a referred Dentist on How the possibility of the treatment, Critical information such as the amount of available bone and Where your nerves run through your jaw will be required. The Fits step will be a Cone Beam Xray (You might be sent to Envision or PRC – the cost ranges from $150 to $300) for a 3D there are a few dentists who might have this in-house the new rules for the Technology to be held by a dentist only came into play last year.

Code 684 – Tooth 1.1 – Placement of the First stage Dental Implant

(surgery + screw) Dr Jose’ Nunes charges $1200 to $1452 for Code 684 compared to Perth Dentists charging

$1580- $3500 for placing a tooth implant.

Code 691 – Tooth 1.1 – 3 to 6 months later you will need the Implant exposed and an Osstell ISQ machine used to read the Bone Integration levels (always make sure they use technology, not just a Xray) The cost of the Code 691 often referred to as 2nd stage is between $399 and $599. Dr Nunes charge $399 for Code 691 an affordable rate for Implant integration on his ISQ machine – this Technology is the superior integration equipment for State of the Art technology and a great way to see how progressive your potential implant clinic is.

Code 661 – Tooth 1.1– Approximately 10 days after Stage 2 you will be ready for Stage 3.
The preparation of the Implant-Abutment – This stage is critical due to Dental Impressions that are taken, many Aesthetic focused dentists will use video, cameras, and speech analysis to confirm The final Smile Line cosmetic result. A front tooth is critical to matching your own Natural colour, hue – shading – mapped shading that your own teeth may display, we have a natural translucency to Our teeth that many disastrous dental works portray solid lumps of colour.

The cost Third Stage of code 661 is $599 with Dr Jose’ Nunes but on average in Perth $599 to $999 depending on whom you go to and at this stage you will notice on patients whom are replacing many missing front teeth or perhaps a complete smile makeover that you will be asked to bring in photos or magazine cuttings of tooth shape, colour, feminine teeth, masculine teeth etc. There is a trend in our 20 somethings to want an overly white Hollywood A1 but patients at the 40 plus mark seem to want a Natural youthful tooth, not an A1 but a tooth that has transparency – there is a relationship between whites of the eyes and colour of teeth. AS we age we tend to grind and wear down our teeth, the focus for a 40 plus will be a longer Crown that compensates for gravity that has lengthened the upper lip and overexposed the lower teeth.

The Final Fourth Stage Code 672 (Dr Nunes charges $999 for a layered Implant crown) is The Placement of the Dental Implant crown – this process takes places approximately 7 to 10 days after your Impressions taken at stage 3
The cost of your Dental Implant Crown is $999 to $2400 depending on the Perth Implant dentist This is, however, your last cost, should your dentist want you back for a checkup a week later, this should be at no charge and merely peace of mind for the practitioner that new implant crowns and bite are work pressures.with no pressure.


We charge Code 011- $55 We often take a study model if your case requires multiple Implants As well as video/photograph this is $78 EXTRA for the study models and Aesthetic Zone time. We might call you back and update you on results of your 3D Xray giving you feedback on costs. Someone who may have had a bad injury or lost a tooth many years ago – might require a bone graft or sinus lift. Code 243 – Bone graft is $200 – $400 (artificial bone) it is always our first point of Call to harvest bone from An area within your mouth or as the Implant is drilled Dr Jose Nunes harvests the bone extracted to use and will negate the cost of Code 243.

We will discuss this in-depth with you. It is the skill of the dentist that makes this stage affordable or expensive, a highly trained and considerate dentist Will keep costs down due to knowledge in the bone harvest for his patient in regards Dental Code 243 or Code 244 (Bone Block) Or they might use angled Dental Implant to maximise on bone in a surrounding area that will emerge exactly the same with a perfect profile and save you the sinus lift or bone graft.I can not stress more how skill and training bring down the costs.
For Dental Implant patients. Southern Implants is the only manufacturer with a Patent on this Angled Implant technology and saving patients thousands of dollars and beautiful results on emergence profiles of the Dental Implant Crown. As you compare prices of dental implants in Perth

For Code 684 or Code 688 (should we extract the tooth root at the same time of Implant placement) We charge $1350 to $1750 for this complete stage. Usually, for more than 1 Implant, we discount Down in price, the reason for this is Sterilisation in Australia is of extremely high standards and set up costs of surgery for an Implant is costly, once we have more than 1 implant, the costs are reduced greatly, and this is passed on down to the patient. Our greatest concern in our practice is the number of patients going overseas for Implants – unlike a decade ago where the placement of Implants was rare and many were sent to a colleague, today many dental practices place Implants and this in-house treatment has greatly reduced costs to the patient.

Code 691 – Dental-implant-Placements-Perth charge $266 to $366 depending on where the Implant was placed and how much gingiva will cover the Implant at the time of testing using our Osstell ISQ machine. This price will be quoted upfront at the time of initial consult feedback.

Code 661 – Impressions and Abutment $599 – For this stage, if we are dealing with a complete smile makeover we might request a wax up at $34 per tooth. This is a 3D model we have made at the lab which replicates the FINAL product and crucial to an outcome for both the Dentist and yourself. It might require an extra appointment after Code 661 for the discussion on 3D model We prefer you take the model home, spend time pondering shape of teeth, bulk, incisal edge etc It is critical the patient have complete peace of mind on the Aesthetics of the work before it is manufactured.

Final Dental Code 672: Dental Implant Crown, we charge $700 to $999 for a Premium Zirconia Layered Natural Dental Implant crown which includes all the Dental Implant components The price difference will depend on the mapping on your own natural tooth and we might require Extra photography and diagrams to match a specific tooth 3D shape of colour, shading, marks your own natural teeth might hold. Compare prices of dental Implants in Perth will deliver Quality and Affordability aspect

Perth WA Postal Code 6153 – 6162

#1 is our Perth Dental Implant Centre which offers the best service in Perth alongside Complete treatment inclusive of Implant Dental Crown All 4 stages $3404 for non complex high Quality with a highly experienced surgon.

– Implant Dental Freo Implants – No cost given

Far South of Perth WA -Mandurah and Below codes

6210- 6421

Perth is separated into North, South, East and West in West Australia

North – Yanchep to Wembley

South- Falcon to Mandurah

Perth CBD- East Perth, West Perth, North Perth and South Perth

East- Midland to Mundaring

West- Nedlands to City Beach

Dr Jose’ Nunes | 4 Stages | One Location

February 2019 Pricing and how to avoid bad dental implants | Affordable Dental Implants in Perth | The BEST dental implants dentist in Perth

  • Step 1 Initial $55 Consultation with Dr Jose Nunes see Qualifications – Comprehensive discussion on your Perth Dental Implants – Follow Pre treatment preparations
  • Stage 2 3D cone Beam X-ray Implant planning for Bone width, depth + quality for Treatment for different types of Implants and implant info.
  • Step 3 Confirm $1580 to place a Dental Implant all inclusive or is a Bone graft or Sinus Lifts required? Receive your Genuine Certification Card
  • Process 4 Carry out Dental Implant placement with Dr Jose’ Nunes in dental implant options
  • The 18 steps to Post Dental Implant Surgery with Dental Implant Placements Perth
  • Step 5 Approximately 7 days later – No charge Post op check
  • Stage 6 Second Post op check for types of dental implant systems in 30 days – NO CHARGE Smile dental check up rates
  • Process 7 Process of second Stage treatment cost is $399 Using Digital Technology
  • Stage 8 | 3 Months after placement $599 High Precision Impressions
  • Process 9 Placement of the Porcelain Anti-aging Crown with Final Implant Abutment High Profile Clientele Cost $1199 for Porcelain Crown fo

Step 1 Process of Perth Dental Implants treatment

Initial Consult with Dr Jose’ Nunes

In regards your Dental Implant. The Consult will last half an hour, require medical forms, an OPG X-ray unless you have brought prior X-rays along from your dentist.

He will confirm you are eligible for the treatment. In 99% of Perth Dental implant cases and same day teeth you will require an appointment for a 3D X-ray or perhaps you might have had a recent 3D X-ray you could bring along.

Step 3 – This Evaluation Consult will cost $55 usually completely covered by your Health care fund (INCLUDES the OPG X-ray).

As a policy we do not support the idea of Loans Policy and would rather roll out a treatment plan according to your budget. Cost of process for a single Implant is $3750 in total. We support 5 Implants systems all fall within the Top list see Link Most critical if you have a Current Implant always keep within the same manufacturer.

We compare the Perth Dental Implant Treatment options versus Overseas Dentistry Trends In Dental Implants for 2019 – who are The global leaders in Dental Implants

Price factors for Step 3/4 – Confirm the quote you were given – if there is a difference why?

TIP: SHOP around – there are 230 Various Dentists and Dental Implant Clinics in Perth WA placing dental Implants cost of all stages- plethora of choice in both qualifications and attitudes

  • Medications prior to Implant – Antibiotics (start the evening before) Post Op Discussion
  • Stage 1 $1580 Placement of the Perth Dental Implant code 684 or Code 688for dental implants Perth cost
  • 2nd Stage is $399 Digital readings on an Osstell ISQ Digital for Bone Integration Code 691 for dental implants Perth cost
  • 3rd Stage is $599 High precision Impressions and Abutment Dental Code 661 for dental implants Perth cost
  • 4th Stage is $1199 Place Anti-aging Porcelain Dental Implant Crowns Dental Code 672 for dental implants Perth cost

Following on Step 5 Now there is a small difference

If your Dental Implants fall within your front Smile Line

there are a few extra steps taken on Implant planning for best teeth implants and good implants 4 stages 1 location

We will video and photograph in preparation especially dental implants for elderly patients

Possible Bone Graft and Sinus lift prior to placing a dental Implant

  • At times a sinus lift in order to create a Bone depth or width
  • Whatever we do we will always Quote UPFRONT – No hidden costs

Step 6: PRE-Dental Implant Surgery

  • Antibiotics Taken prior
  • Stress Discussion prep for surgery for different types of teeth implants
  • Dress warm / warm Feet and Upper body
  • Meal prior – Perth Dental Implant placement
  • Consent form – reading for best teeth implants
  • Post Op Instructions from Dr Jose’ Nunes
  • Cleaning and care of your Dental Implants

Ten TRENDS in Dental Implant crowns | CRITICAL READ This article is a Step by step Break down

Step 7 of Dental Implant Crowns

  • length of crown required
  • shape of gum required
  • Depth of porcelain
  • Natural 3D shape of tooth
  • Ginigival correction
  • Anti-aging factor
  • Mapping of natural Tooth
  • Cost of Dental Crown for stage
  • Dental Bonding
  • Plan Dental Implant maintenance see our Youtube cleaning Maintenance and cleaning

What Dental Implant treatment in Perth is best for me?

Treatment Options for Perth Dental Implant by Dr Jose’ Nunes all 4 stages under 1 Roof (1 location)

  • Single or Multiple Dental Implants recommended dental implant surgeon
  • Non Removable Denture (Permanent – Not advisable for Gum Disease patients)
  • Removable Implant supported denture with4| 5|6|7-9 Dental Implants On the upper Maxilla
  • Removable Implant supported denture with 2|3|4 Dental Implant on the lower Jaw Mandible
  • 7 to 9 Year Implant Supported Denture Plan – Year by Year
  • Problems or risks with Dental Implants with different implants

What is a Same day dental Immediate loaded Implant and why entire treatment unfolds in 12-24 hours?

  • Broken or missing tooth in smile line for one day implants and new implANTS
  • Same day Implant involves all 3 stages in 1 day Tooth extraction and implant in one day
  • Placement of the Implant – First stage for dental implants Perth cost
  • High precision impressions and Temporary Abutment 2nd stage at First Appointment
  • 12 hours later 3rd Stage place Temporary Dental Implant Crown for temporary tooth before before implant

1 Hour dental implants costs or cheap dental implants in a day during complete dental implants in a day

or called 1 day dental implants, one day teeth implants and lastly teeth in an hour reviews, denture implants in 1 day cost $2440 for teeth in an hour

Advantages of Dental/ Teeth Implants in Perth dental implants

  • Feel completely Natural
  • The fit is perfect and will be flossed as a Natural tooth
  • Adjacent teeth are destroyed in the process for dental implants Perth cost
  • Eat and chew as with your own Original Teeth
  • The Perth Dental Implant can not get cavities
  • Facial shape is preserved and Occlusion (Bite) preserved

Dental Implants versus a Denture or Bridge

  • A denture does not look as Natural
  • Often cause gum HOTSPOTS
  • Adjoining teeth are damaged in a Bridge
  • Chewing foods causes Denture paste to wear
  • Upper and lower Dentures are removed at night
  • Often painful and Uncomfortable causing unsocial behaviour
How to Avoid a Bad Dental Implant treatment

How to Avoid a Bad Dental Implant treatment

How to avoid a bad DENTAL IMPLANT with No warranty? What Guarantee or Warranty  is standard with a Dental Implant?

What Qualifications should the Dental Implant Surgeon have?

Appropriately trained Dentists that have the ability  to deal with the complex or simple Dental Implant treatment. How to avoid bad Implant Youtube 

Our research for Results of  the highest qualification available for Dental Implant studies was a Post Grad in Dental Implants. However approximately 6 years ago a specialty Masters Program (MSc) of Oral Implantology was started. Most Australian surgeons have attended Goethe University in Frankfurt for their Specialty in the Dental Implant world.

Master program in Oral Implantology not yet  available in West Australia and in order to complete a Master in Oral Implantology. Will entail the Implants surgeon traveling overseas  for a few years more.  However Specialists such as Prosthodontists – periodontists and Max fac would also carry extended training and trained locally.

The Top 30 Questions to ask for  Factors +  Checklist that effect the choice of Dental Implant surgeon you choose

  1. What is the Highest Qualification the Dental Implant Surgeon has achieved?
  2. How many Dental Implants has the dentist placed? 50 – 100 – 1000 or over 10 000?
  3. Specific Implant systems has the surgeon placed and are they TGA approved and what is their choice of Implants – Does the choice fall in the top 10 networks in the world?
  4. Is the dentist aware of all the various dental Implant systems such as angled or straight Dental Implants?
  5. Where did the dentist qualify?
  6. Can you see proof of certification of Qualifications? Are they the best implants ever?
  7. Do their Qualifications meet legal requirements for the appropriate complexity of Implant procedure
  8. How many Years has the dentist placed Teeth Implants for?
  9. Are all components used in the Implant process from start to finish, all original? and will they assist in best cheap dental implants
  10. Does the Doctor have any cases against him at the AHPRA or Dental Association?
  11. Malpractice lists are available online in Australia on the AHPRA website
  12. What professional Organisations do they belong? Strict and regulations are a part of Organisations
  13. Complete information on Warranty is offered for a Dental Implant and What will maintenance cost to Uphold the Warranty?
  14. What are the hidden costs? what other costs could you encounter before or after the dental implant procedure
  15. Level and standard of Equipment does The surgeon use? Do they test the bone integration with simple X-ray guesswork or Bone Integration technology called Osstell ISQ?
  16. How many Dental Implant machines does the clinic have? do they accommodate different kinds of dental implants
  17. Dental Implant records -original paperwork and stickers with lot number and Original details
  18. The bone graft material is used during the Bone graft procedure of the Implant 
  19. Must you wear full drapes for your latest dental procedure?
  20. Will the implant surgeon and team wear drapes for your broken tooth replacement?
  21.  Foot covers, headcovers and drapes for temporary and permanent dental implants?
  22. Does everyone wear sterile head covers?
  23. Will you receive Pre and Post Op instructions
  24. Is your post-op checkup for FREE or charged for?
  25. If I need a follow-up post up check – is there a charge?
  26. Dental Implant quote fully inclusive or are there hidden costs?
  27. What if I have a problem at 10 pm after surgery – is there an After Hours number with a REAL person answering?

What Dental Implant is our Standard protocol

This is a multivariable answer. Yes . . . We guarantee our implants for five years after placement, which means we will pick up any replacement costs associated with any failure. 

 If the patient does not attend their follow-up appointments, no guarantee, the number 1 reason for Dental Implant failure is poor oral hygiene at any one of their follow-up appointments and upon reexamination. 

  • The Implant surgeon will ask to see you on an annual basis to check up hygiene and carry out a maintenance consult – Check beforehand WHAT the cost of these consults will be.
  • You do not want to be a hostage or at the mercy of a dental implant clinic that charges a fortune for implant maintenance or threatens you with a NULL and VOID guarantee.
  • No different to car maintenance scheduling fees from a car dealer. ASK in advance for all costs related to Dental Implant maintenance post-implant placement that keep your Warranty intact.

Contact for Dr Jose’ Nunes 0893154514 or After Hours 0434998258