Single Dental Implant in Perth, WA | Costs Comparison

Cost of A Single Dental Implant in Perth, WA – Price List Comparison

4 Stages of Dental Implant with 5 Year Surgical Warranty - Dr Jose' Nunes

Cost Comparison Chart – Single Dental Implant in Perth WA

Dental Implants CostPerth AverageDr Jose’ Nunes Perth PricesAustralian
Single Tooth Dental Implant ($AUD) placement$1690-$3500*$1580$1600-$3400*
Stability Test on Screw$399-$699*$399$399-$699*
Abutment (connects crown)$799-$1899$599$599-$1599
Zirconium premium Implant Crown$999-$3299$1199 Includes gum level correction$999-$2999
Consult in ($AUD) WAFree-$290$55FREE-$275
FREE Consultation with Australian DentistFree-$700$55Free-$700
Total Dental Implant Cost$2999-$9700$3999 non complex$4300-$9500

ONE Minute Guide: Critical Cost versus Aesthetic outcome

Ask prospective Implant Dentist, How many Implants they have placed, What Masters Implant degree they studied, how many years Surgical written Warranty they offer and what the Total cost is with a 3D X-ray? Are their Implant crowns zirconia or standard monochrome on a CADCAM? Run for the hills if the clinic won’t answer the above. Can they handle sophisticated problems? Will they speak to your practitioner if you have a complicated medical history? BEWARE of Implant clinics who don’t point out the critical risk for PERIO patients.

TWO Minute Guide: 6 Tips Comparative cost/risk analysis questions.

  1. Are the qualifications an academic Masters degree in Oral Implantology or a dental implant course? How far in advance are they booked, busy due to advertising or busy due to reputation? Have they adequately trained + offer Warranty accordingly? Dr Nunes overall mark 90% for his Master’s degree in Oral Implantology.
  2. Your FREE consult at a Clinic results in long wait times and very little interest in your case other than handing over a quote + forcing a booking.
  3. How many Implants surgeon placed? ( Dr Nunes has placed over 14500), on the downside, if an Implant fails in 5 years, is it replaced for free, who carries the charges for the replacement and is surgical Warranty oral or written? All manufacturers offer a Lifetime Warranty and this is often misinterpreted to the public.
  4. How much attention is placed on Aesthetics to both gum and crown- Are they qualified to correct both – or a further expense with a separate practitioner? Is gum level correction part of treatment or an extra fee? Is it a zirconia or porcelain layered crown or single colour?
  5. Online Transparent Pricelist? Digital Transparency it’s critical to the price analysis of expertise, versus charges and warranty on offer. It’s not simply a matter of TRUST and many patients have a budget that must be taken into account.
  6. Beware of money-hungry Clinics with appointments same day? Low-cost implants become expensive repairs. Money hungry Clinics who churn out disadvantaged aesthetic treatments in quality + skill. For example, our own waitlist is 3 to 4 weeks for an appt.
  7. Implantologists who offer zero Warranty result in long term unnecessary expenditure and legal outgoings + risk for a client with the disadvantaged dental medical outcome. You would not buy a new car with no warranty why do the same with implants?
  8. If something goes wrong during the integration process, is the patient be liable for more costs? What extra charges

Three Minute Read: 12 Step Protocols

1- Look for a Clinic that offers a minimum 5 Year WARRANTY with Transparent pricing and advice upfront. You build trust by asking questions. Any reputable Implant surgeons have Staff that ARE extremely knowledgeable on every single aspect of Treatment and will gladly answer questions on pricing and protocols with no hesitation. That will include plastic surgery on gum levels when placing the Final implant crown as they have the expertise and seek extreme excellence in Final outcome. Treatment that offers no Warranty is a waste of money and time.

1b- If an Implant centre is as good as they claim – why advertise on radio and newspaper? Surely referrals from happy clients are enough? Advertising is extremely expensive and adds an extra 35% to 65% on the costs ratio for patient. Beware of Implant surgeries that offer to be a specialist, when in truth they have undertaken a weekend Implant training course. Only 4 to 5 Perth Dentists have a Masters (Msc) in Oral Implantology.

2- Cost for Same Hour Front Tooth Implant + Temp Crown is $2740 in 70 minutes but costs upward of $6000 from various dentists across WA. Implant placement starts at $1580 to $3500 for placement of the screw alone across Perth West Australia, many charging $2800 with only a minimal Training. Check their academic credentials and how many they have placed? We treat huge Hollywood names – attention to detail is KEY. Google honours websites that educate and offer extreme transparency to their operations. Why the expense variation across Perth WA as varied as $3400 to $9000, for the same treatment with no similarity in market price yet exact same outcome?

3- Dr Jose’ Nunes offers 5 year surgical (excludes gum disease) and lifetime manufacturers warranty on the Implant body. There are dentists in Perth who offer NO surgical warranty at all. Critical to receive Implant warranty in writing. Many offer a verbal Warranty yet no black and white paperwork guarantee whatsoever.

4- Thinking of heading to Bali for Dental Implants cost US $2000 equates to $3000 Australian Dollars exact same costs as Perth Implants for single with no hotel or airfares required. Why pay more Bali dental implants when hotels, flights and no local warranty add excess stress. Bali Implants appear cheap at the time but long term complications and return flights are tariffs that must be taken into account. The No. 1 complaint is colour and shape from overseas dentistry and COVID has put an end to tourism dentistry for now.

4-Initial investigative 3D X-ray cost $275 to $315 be aware of practices who do not allow patient a take home copy (could take weeks and limit a 2nd opinion without access to this vital X-ray). The current trend with cone beam or 3D X-ray is unscrupulous vendors who will not forward the 3D X-ray and many patients are forced to retake the X-ray. We use Envision whom offer the highest qualified Oral Max-fac Radiographer in Australia for our reports.

5- Always seek a 2nd opinion on any surgical work as Many Implants are not necessary and become unnecessary fee’s. Seek a human conscience focused Centre. We decline 10% of all potential patients who did not require treatment from overzealous over prescription from previous dentist.

6- Bone grafts range from $150 to $1200 shop wisely. The local code is West Australia for bio material is Code 243. Call around for a quote on this exact code.

7- A treatment is broken down into 2 or 3 stages, each stage provided in Australia is charged by Dental Code for example: Code 684 (Placement) Code 661 (Abutment) Code 672 (Implant crown) Always ensure your quote includes the individual codes to protect hidden charges for complex treatment. and no asterisk which implies EXTRA charges could follow and often charge more.

8- Initial consult ranges from Code 011 $55 to $1000 (be Warned) ask ahead. Many clinics charge up to $750 for an initial consult and leave the patient with a large quote which is not affordable. Beware of implant Centre’s that offer loans and finance upfront. The Greatest con of all is the FREE consult – a bait trap to offer life or death treatment at inflated costs , you will easily understand their modus operandi, quick .

individual teeth implant with 5 year warranty in writing

9- The cost of online advertising is Built into the final price – always ensure you receive the bottom line quote with no possible on surgery day exclusions – often there is an asterisk * saying Bone might cost up to $1000 extra

10- A scale and polish clean every 6 months protects your 5 year Warranty -always ensure Warranty is in writing

11- Are any areas cheaper around Perth than others? It seems area not in the fee factor. The Implantologists that are excellent and affordable (average $3500 to $4500) you have a waiting period of 4 to 5 weeks for a booking.

12- Our patient demographics are usually plus 60 year olds who want up front facts and quality with decades of experience. They tolerate zero risk.

15 Minutes to read: In-depth details on fee and factors effecting lone implant treatment.

What Dental codes do I use for a quote?

In Australia there is a set of Dental codes called the Australian Schedule of Dental Services that are mandatory and all work carried out by dentists must adhere to these codes. Placed in order to create an equal measure to ensure that health funds have itemized details of treatment.
The CODE for Dental Implant surgery in Australia is either 684 or 688 This is the exact code to place a single or lone implant. When you call dentists for a quote on a lone tooth screw you can quote this number to ascertain the exact value for the first stage. We charge $1280 to $1580 for Code 684.

Cost Titanium Implants versus Metal Free?

The alternatives to Titanium Dental Implants were initially zirconia but long term comparative trials are yet still required to see a complete a definitive answer to zirconia as they are NOT metal free and in truth contain trace metals.
For now a Zirconia Implant costs double the price. However as of 2018 and Nobel Biocare brought out the ” Pearl” a COMPLETELY metal Free and the worlds first as of October 2020 still not available in Australia. What will the Completely Metal Free” Pearl cost?
Nobel have given us no pricing but as per overseas costing we will see a probable 90-150% more expensive than the standard titanium.

What does complete Dental Implant Cost?

The following codes are usually a part of Dental Implant treatments in Australia for a simple case from Dr Jose’ Nunes.
Code 684 $1280 to $1580 for placement of the actual sole implant body . Followed on by code 691 (3 to 6 months later) a Stability test cost $399 on an Osstell ISQ and Periotest equipment. The last 2 stages in a single visit is placement of abutment and solitary crown Code 661 and 672 cost $599 and $1199.
The following codes are at time required for specific treatment such as
Bone Graft for a single site Code 244 (block) or 243: 1 gram biomaterial is $175 + could be added to the above costs if a Bone graft required.
Gingival graft code 235 or 236 is $175 at Dental Implant Placements in Perth and required for either transplanting tissue from a site or a surgical technique that is used for a bony defect. Sinus lift costs $475 with Dr Jose’ Nunes and often takes place at the same time as the implant is placed.

What time frame does a single implant Take?

The time for isolated implant surgery is 30 minutes from start to finish which includes the extraction if required. However due to very stringent + necessary sterilization protocols in Australia approximately a further 30 minutes is added to prepare the area and Implant staff.
Where as 2 x dental Implants surgery will take 60 minutes combined with a further 30 minutes for sterilization etc.
However an Implant placement combines with a sinus lift will take 30 minutes and not the standard 20 minutes.

How will I choose the best surgeon for my implants?

Firstly find a surgeon who has placed thousands not just a handful of implants after a quick 2-5 day Implant course.
This is probably the hardest part. Start off with personal referrals, anyone who has had fantastic treatment will rave about it. The great part about referrals is the fact you will also be told who to stay away from. Second option is by finding an online dentist who offers all their warranty, procedures and prices online. Next read reviews, and read them closely are they specific? At our Clinic we find many patients whom have had shocking prior treatment elsewhere tend to leave extremely honest reviews as they have a comparison. Never respond to an advert, if an Implant company was as brilliant as they claim, why would they need to advertise on Radio or newspaper? Ask The Australian Dental Association or AHPRA and most critical choose a highly skilled dentist with academic qualifications such as Post Grad or Masters (Msc) – Dr Nunes has both his Post Grad PDD (Implant) with over 14 500 implants placed and holds a Masters degree in Oral Implantology -his total overall mark was 90%.

What does a sinus lift cost?

A Sinus lift restricted to a single area will bring to codes. Code 247 (lateral wall approach) which is a maxillary sinus augmentation cost is $750 with Dr Nunes or Code 246 (trans-alveolar approach) both cost $475 but will require a Bone Graft Code 243 x 1 gram at $175. Sinus lifts can be complex and might require as much as 2 grams of Bone graft biomaterial.

Why are dental implants so expensive in Australia?

The History of Implant Prices in Australia from current 2020 down to 1999 in a downward spiral as tough competition and lowered implant pricing supports downward trend.
Year 1995 – from $9500
2005- from $7500
2014- from $4000
2020- from $3500 to $9500 and costs are dropping all the time

10 Reasons singular tooth insert costs have prices dropped so much over the last 25 years in West Australia?

Competition, manufacturers prices and complex courses for dentists now available locally. Many more clinicians now offering complex sinus lifts and complex bone grafting techniques.

As standard treatments as the cost of Implant kits from manufacturers declines alongside restorative components for example: abutment costs have significantly dropped.

A major “After market” supply is now available but this is not encouraged and should be avoided at all costs. They are considered “Fake” and will never replicate the genuine product manufactured under extreme State of the Art conditions.

25 years ago the costs for a lone surgery was between $8000 to $11000 there were very few dentists placing and costs were high and no warranty on offer.

From the begin of 2005 prices started to decline, the reason being many more local courses were available for Perth clinicians and The $7500 to $9500 began the new cost average.

However 10 years ago and with nearly 15 TGA approved Systems began the great price reduction and the new budgets were $6000 upwards the average warranty offered was a single year.

2014 however with the Explosion of Dental tourism abroad saw a dramatic 30% drop in West Australia as local dentists in a highly competitive market began the new fee of $4000 for Total treatment.

From 2020 the market average sits at $3400 to $4500 for Clinics with warranties on average 12-24 months (ours is 5 years) and highly equipped staff focused on Implants with State of the Art equipment to provide premium Aesthetic results. (Very few dentists place an Implant and Front temporary crown in 70 minutes)

Top 5 cost differences between Bali Dental Implants and Perth Implants for solitary Tooth treatment

  1. Both Bali and Perth equal in price as of 2020:Average rate of an individual Dental Implant placed in Bali is now on par with Perth Affordable: $3300 prices have been slashed in Perth the last 2 years due to extreme competition in wider Australia and an oversupply of local dentists. The Covid 19 has brought down the cost even more.
  2. Complications create immense costs: Problems post surgery require Bali Implant patients fly back to Bali as no local Warranty or support whatsoever for overseas implants. Online reviews have led to many locals preferring Australian soil with Warranty after prior failed Bali Implant treatment
  3. Largest complaint is colour: Disgruntled Patients complain of colour and shape of the Dental Implant Bali Crowns – receive in writing proof you will be reimbursed if color incorrect – local Perth dentists have AHPRA to contend with and will adhere to regulations
  4. There is always a “catch” and a big UPSALE on price high hiking for a locally approved Australian Implant but at double the price. The ” fantastic Bali Dental Implant deal” becomes a huge catch when you are told your quote was for a non approved implant and to use an Australian TGA approved will cost $1000 extra
  5. 2019 has seen a flood of unhappy Thailand Dental Implant patients that have taken to naming some specific unscrupulous overseas operators and this scare tactic with ” FEAR” of HIV and poor Sterilisation techniques.

What warranty is offered for a single implant?

The average warranty offered in WA is 1 year but Dr Nunes offers 5 year surgical warranty (gum disease patients a 1 year (12 months)) We advise Perio patients to place only a single implant at a time to ensure they are suitable candidates
All Implant titanium screws carry a LIFETIME warranty from the manufacturer but you must check Perth surgery Warranty at the consult.

What will my health fund contribute?

Approximately 95% of patients in Perth seek a Single Dental Implant treatment. Either a broken tooth or Failed root canal treatment alongside the fact that single dental implants are now far more affordable than ever. Cheaper than Bali, Indonesia where as it used to be three times more expensive the price of Implants locally
Most Health care Funds with Major Dental cover will provide from $800 to $1000 towards the Single titanium Treatment Code 684 and leave a gap to pay of between $200 to $350 out of pocket expense. On Health funds that are at a premium level there is often zero gap or no Gap to pay, often referred to as Bulk Billed Dental Implants.

Initial Implant consultation for solitary dental implant cost comparison$55Implant Treatment options quote for a Single Implant
Pre-surgical diagnostics$3153D X-ray for Treatment planning
Surgical Tooth Extraction is capped at$149 per toothWe do not change more at all
Cost Single Front tooth Implant + Temporary Crown (Hour)
over 70 Minutes
for Non complex with current fractured
$2740Smile line tooth only – prevents needs of a denture and Protects Gum level
Single Implant treatment with all 4 stages (no temporary crown) non complex includes 3D X-ray$3999Implant-Abutment-Crown
Single Tooth implant with Bone Graft 1-2 Grams | 4 Stages non complex$4340Bone Graft-Implant-Abutment-Crown
Post op Check at Day 2, Day 10, 6 Months and 12 MonthsIncluded

The Average costs across Perth West Australia for stand alone Implant treatment

The average cost for a single in Perth ranges from $2999 to $9000 for a complete treatment from start to finish across West Australia with various surgeons. The average price on affordable premium singles range from $3404 to $4000 for the complete 3 stage process in large cities, most small outlaying towns it will cost upwards of $6500 to $7500. However the treatments are extremely competitive and due to the surge in dentists placing titanium screws the costs and prices will continue to drop dramatically by 20% every 5 years.

It is reported that due to the recent Movie on Netflix ” Root cause 2019″ this has led to a dramatic patient decline in local requests for root canal treatments and requests alternative for Zirconium implant bodies in West Australia.

A patient searching for dental implant treatment seeks a Leading Implant dentist that has implant qualifications alongside a few decades of placing Implants such as Dr Nunes, 21 years. An Implant is not an affordable price if the BEST surgical skills and experience are not carried out. Perth Implant dentists charge $1280 to $3500 to place a Single Implant for surgical placement.

For the last 20 years prices have dramatically dropped on average 20 % every 5 years. The reason that prices are dropping is the dramatic increase in the number of dentists that are now placing in Perth West Australia.

According to research and graphed data we are expecting to see a further 20% decrease in pricing over the next 5 to 7 years. The financial decline alongside increased West Australian dentists now placing have most Clinics now placing in-house.

For a non-complex case this is no problem it is only for complex that an under qualified clinician placing such complex work is not advisable.

Seek a review of the Business reputation – very important to secure the best Dental Implant treatment at an affordable price that is focused on Original Parts alongside a reputable Warranty.

One Implant Procedure West Australia PatientsCostNotes
Single Implant – 0.5g Bone Graft
– 1g Bone Graft with single Implant treatment
– 2g Bone Graft with single Implant treatment
– Initial consultation with Dr Nunes




Start to finish – Implant through to Porcelain Crown (no bone graft required
– (Implant through to crown) with 0.5 gram bone graft included
– (Tooth Implant through to crown) with 2 grams bone graft included
Treatment options and costs
Pre-surgical diagnostics for dental implant$315Teeth Implant 3D cone beam
Surgical Tooth Extraction$149 per Tooth
Implant Placement: Code 684$1580 per implantNon complex Single Dental Implant placement – No restoration
Stage 2 – Bone Integration readings: Code 691
Stage 3 – Abutment + High Precision Impressions: Code 661
Permanent porcelain crown with Gold screw: Code 672


$1399 per tooth replaced
The permanent dental crown restoration can normally be attached after 12 – 16 weeks of healing post-implant placement
Post-operative and hygiene appointments in the first year of serviceevery 6 Months
Pensioners DiscountsCostImplant Treatment
Initial Dental Implant consultation for Senior Citizen for dental implant cost comparison$3930% Discount for age +65
Reduced from our std. $55
Pre-surgical diagnostics for All on 4$315Dental Implant for 3D Cone Beam All on 4
Surgical Tooth Extraction is capped at$149 per toothRetiree Pricing for Extractions are capped
All on 4 or 6 non complex
Implant Secured Denture
for Retired Person
$18800Using existing denture
and placement of 4 to 6 Implants (non complex)
Post Op consultIncludedAged 65 and older
Pensioner Implant Consult$39Retiree pricing
Same Hour Dental Implant – Smile Line Only
Co-axis Angled Dental Implant for Superior Emergence Profile
$2740Placement of Implant and Temporary Crown within 70 minutes (Non complex)
Post op Check at Day 2, Day 10,6 Months and 12 MonthsIncluded
  • Cost of an isolated dental implant Consult $55 (45 minutes)
  • Pricing of X-ray $150 to $320
  • 1:Price of Dental Implant surgery $1380 (60 minutes) cost of a single dental implant placement Code 684 or 688
  • 2:Cost of 2nd stage – Bone Integrations readings 3-9 months later $399 (40 minutes)
  • 3:Price of Precision Impressions and Abutment on your single dental implant $599 (40 minutes) This might require more time due to Photography and video of mouth- WE WILL NEVER ASK TO USE YOUR FACE IN MEDIA
  • 4:Cost of Final Dental Implant Crown (premium) with gold screw $1199 (60 minutes for a single dental implant)
  • Mini Implants for Orthodontics (strictly referral from your Orthodontist) cost mini-implant between $500 to $650 for placement and titanium screw

Often a Single Dental Implant is a Dental Implant that is inserted into the Bone to replace a tooth

A few months later an abutment is then connected to the Single dental Implant with the Dental Implant crown to

complete. This treatment mimics that of a Natural tooth and will not require a denture or bridge. The cost of dental implant is at no way in compromise of quality. Either Southern Implants, STRAUMANN, OSSTEM or TGA approved Implants only

On completion of Your Dental Implant placement you receive a Record Card with the original Lot Number and Certification

for the Actual Implant placed in your mouth – Never accept a treatment without your ORIGINAL paperwork Certification

What other options would you have? to keep down cost of single dental Implant

  • Bridge (2 further Natural teeth would be ground down and require crowns with a single pontic)
  • Denture
  • Mouth splint (looks like invisalign costs $380)

For Perth Northern Suburbs

Joondalup area from Currambine through Mindarie, Yanchep, Two Rocks, Clarkson, Butler, Hillaries, Whitfords, Duncraig.

Dr Nunes consults in Northern Suburbs with the Mindarie Clinic opening in June 2020

For Patients In Midland

Dental Implant Placements Perth

for Monday Consulting at

76/21 Foundry Rd, Midland WA 6056

Midland, Midvale, Bassendean and Guildford patients

for Dental Implant Placements Midland Dentists are charging on average $4500 to $7500

For South of River Perth WA

79 Moolyeen Road, Brentwood WA entrance on Lang street

15 minutes from the city by car. FREE Parking

for Perth, South Perth, Applecross, Booragoon, Garden City

Fremantle, Coogee, Bibra Lake, Leeming, Willeton, Rossmoyne, Ardross, Myaree, Canning Vale, Riverton and Bicton

South to Mandurah, Rockingham through to Albany

Dawesville, Falcon, Mandurah and Baldivis near me

we consult Tuesdays for Implants with Dr Jose’ Nunes

Your choice of Manufacturer for Dental Implants in Australia

There are 17 Registered TGA Implant companies in Australia

The choice of Implant is critical

Always ask your Implant clinician before placing your single dental Implant in Perth

What warranty the Implant company offers?

Southern Implants at Southern Implants Australia. Phone: +61-2-8076-9337. Fax: 13002-IMPLANT (46752)

Straumann Australia -Address: 7 Gateway Ct, Port Melbourne VIC 3207

Nobel Biocare level 4/7 Eden Park Dr, Macquarie Park NSW 2113 Nobel Biocare Australia Pty Ltd, Address

Osstem Australia Address: 6a/5 Talavera Rd, Macquarie Park NSW 2113


What are the benefits of a Single Dental Implant?

  • The greatest benefit of all are the adjacent teeth will not move position due to the position of the Implant
  • A Dental Implant can not form decay
  • There will be No over eruption of teeth from a gap in the teeth
  • Bite or chewing force is evenly distribute
  • No gap or whistle
  • Large food particles can not get caught
  • Bite Occlusion stays in line
  • Teeth can not drift
  • The single Implant is anchored

Bali or Thailand Cost of a single Dental Implant

To place a single Dental Implant with a reputable Implant clinician

would cost your US $1100 converted to $ 1478.00 Australian Dollars is Conversion US to Australian Dollars

Why would you want to travel – flights and hotels are Extra

What will my Health care fund contribute

Benefit with as much as $2000 per year on a Major Dental rebate. HBF, HCF, Medibank Private, NIB etc as well as many other Health Care Funds contribute towards 1 or 2 Dental Implants per annum.

AS of the 1st January 2019 HBF had completely changed all their members plus agreements and far more of the Implant expense will be paid for by HBF

Many Health Care funds contribute $1200 or less per Dental Implant leaving you a small gap of $552 out-of-pocket expense upfront. HCF does not contribute towards Code 684 at all.

WE see no benefit whatsoever for Dental Tourism as A Dental Implant will need various stages over a few months and

travelling abroad 2 or 3 times will add Thousands of Dollars to your treatment cost of single dental Implant and add unnecessary stress. Emotional stress must always be taken into account when travelling abroad for dentistry

There are many cases where placing a single dental implant abroad costs far more than placing locally

and For an example the cost in Bali to place a single dental implant unrestored is $1300 in US Dollars- this is more expensive than local pricing

and lands up costing the patient double the money when you add flights and hotels. There is no local warranty and parts often not available as comparative systems used not original as stated by the Bali Dentist.

What is the Cost of a single Dental Implant cost in the World regions for a Single Dental Implant Treatment?

  • Thailand $2600 Average Price
  • Bali $2700 Average Price in Bali, Indonesia
  • Sydney/ Perth $3000 to $4500 Sydney and Perth
  • Europe Euro’s 1500 Cost in Italy
  • North America $3200 Cost in North America
  • South America $1800
  • Vietnam $1200
  • India $750
  • China $1700
  • Korea $1400

Benefits of a leading Dentist will have placed thousands of Implants – Check Qualifications. Has the dentist completed a weekend Implant course? A 2 year Post Grad or a Masters in Oral Implantology?

Their Implants carry FULL Warranty, An affordable approach to implant treatment replacing a single implant after a broken tooth or failed root canal treatment

The Best Option for a Tooth replacement and the closest you will get to a Natural Tooth that is cheap and cost is within health Fund rebates

For Health Insurance on a Single Dental Implant with Major cover – usually Medibank Private or HBF cover the full cost for the price of a single dental implant.

A review of our Tooth Implant for a Single Dental Implant are available on our Price-list. We are aware that patients without Health Insurance cover and paying out of pocket

will shop around and seek Dental Implants for sale. We understand the need for high quality single dental implants in Perth WA.

Why choose Dental Implant Placements in Perth for your Dental Implant treatment? DR Nunes started placing Dental Implants in 1999, completed his

Post Grad in Dental Implants and has placed over 12000 Dental Implants. The Cost of Single Dental Implant is according to your financial position. We are 7 mins from Perth CBD, Bus stop 501 at our door step and Bull Creek station only 450 meters away.

WE offer ample Off street and street parking for FREE and no restrictions – No need to watch your meter. Call us for a quote today on your cost on a Single dental Implant in Perth WA

Best Dental Implant Treatment – Options and warnings in preparation of the BEST outcome for lone Implants

Stages of a lone Dental Implant

  • Stage 1 – Placement of a Dental Implant
  • Stage 2 – Bone Integration TEST of your Dental Implant – 4 to 6 Months later
  • Stage 3 – High precision Impressions and Abutment
  • Stage 4 – Fit Porcelain Implant Crown with gold screw 4 to 6 months after Implant placement

Dental Implant Clinical Protocols

  • What Dental Implant will be used and who places them? and why it matters. At Dental Implant Placements we carry out TRANSPARENT Dentistry
  • What medical condition would prevent a Dental Implant treatment and risks taking place and what are the sterilization protocols in Perth?
  • 9 Questions to ask the Dentist prior to making the appointment for the consult
  • Does the dental Implant system have Sales teams and stock based in Perth?
  • Loans for Dental Implants or not?
  • Comparative pricing websites for Perth Dental Implants comparisons
  • What to expect at the Dental Implant Consult and Trends

At Dental Implant Placements in Perth, Our focus on placing dental implants in either upper or lower jaw. Our highly accomplished and experienced dental surgeon, Dr Jose’ Nunes places more than 650 dental implants every year using the most advanced and trusted techniques.

Due to our skill and experience, our practice is frequently asked to participate in studies on the latest advanced dental implant technology and techniques.

Dr Nunes has Invented a clip system for Bone graft and Peri-implantitis that will become mainstream once Patency is completed by October 2018.

He not only places Dental Implants but is heavily involved in research and development of which he also tutors and coaches dentists to placing Dental Implants, Sinus Lifts, Bone Grafts etc.- at his Research and Training Decretum. loves dental implant education.

When you visit our practice for dental implants, you can be assured of receiving the platinum standard in dental implant dentistry care with unmatched personalized service.

What Dental Implant will be used in Perth?

With over 700 Dental Manufacturers world wide, yet only 19 approved manufacturers in Australia LINK to Investigate Authenticity of Dental Implant

What are the Legal aspects you need to upskill yourself on regarding the Implant body?

Your initial step would be WHAT Dental Implant is being placed and how can you confirm that the ACTUAL Dental Implant is not a fake?

Your first step would be a search on The TGA website for the manufacturers name but second would be a quick search to see a Head Office for the Brand based in Australia. No different to buying a car, you would only want to buy a car in Australia if there were local agents selling spare parts for that car. Exactly the same as Dental Implants – Only have an Implant placed that can be serviced locally

This is the number 1 problem with Dental Implants placed outside of Perth is access to parts for Dental Implants that were placed overseas and not TGA approved.

Each Dental Implant that is manufactured will arrive at the Dental Surgeon in a Completely sealed and sterile Container alongside documentation that provides all the details such as Lot number, serial number, manufacturer, expiry for package etc.

This documentation is always handed to the Patient on the day of placement as well as a photocopy

This ensures you have a Dental Implant that was purchased In Perth WA, is TGA approved and you can trace the origin should you ever require a repair on it. Refuse to pay if you are not handed this original Paperwork/sticker etc.

Any dental Implant placed that was not an original or is questionable will be placed with no relevant paperwork certification handed to the patient – WARNING BELLS noted here. Demand the paperwork and not a Duplicate – you need the original certification in your care.

The dental surgeon will have records from their Invoicing as well as a photo copy, do not let a practice keep the original paperwork, what if you decide to move dentists.

What medical condition could prevent a Dental Implant treatment taking place and what are the sterilisation protocols in Perth?

There are various conditions listed but a great read is by Colgate who offer an inciteful look into medical conditions that could prevent your Implant being placed and see our pre treatment protocols

Perth has one of the Highest Sterilisation Protocols in the world and is Committed to the safety of all Australians and Based here in Perth at Map Of ADA in West Perth for any questions you may have regarding treatment of Dental Implants in Perth West Australia.

WE take sterilisation very seriously and have a ” Sterile Zone” an area where our Dental Implant surgery takes place that has been allocated to a strictly Foot covers, sterile gowns and Head wear for the patient too. What are the Medical legal aspects a Dentist need consider – below is a Pubmed link to an excellent sheet on aspects to the Implant Dentistry that all clinicians need to adhere and advise accordingly Medical Legal for the Dentist

Questions to ask the Dentist prior to Surgery – The link below is from our blog

and relates to all the obvious – at times we are drawn to price over and above necessities – This article is great List to Tick whilst seeking that perfect balance of Cost in Perth for the Dental Implant versus skill and qualifications 9 Questions to ask your Implant Dentist prior to treatment/surgery

The most critical is always – Training – for a basic Dental Implant placed in Perth – The Dentist could have undergone basic training – a course that extended over a few weeks, However for complicated cases involving Bone Grafts and Sinus Lifts – you need the Qualifications that go hand in hand, Have a look at the their background and training? How much and how long?

The last thing you need is the LONE wolf – the dentist that has a solution to everything and refuses to refer. As dentists, we have the major responsibility in providing the finest care and advice.

We can to serve the very best interest of our patients and we must remain committed to this oath at all times, but it is also the task and responsibility of every patient to get engaged decisions about their health.

Yes a 2nd or 3rd opinion will cost you extra money but in Perth you have a plethora of clinicians carrying out Implant Dentistry that often hold group discussions with peers in regards treatment and options.

What dental Implant systems have Sales representatives and stock levels based in Perth?

  • Straumann Australia
  • Osstem Perth
  • Bio Zimmermet
  • MIS

To name a few of the TGA Registered Dental Implant systems that have current Sales Representatives and Stock in Perth WA.

It would be easy enough to contact the Sales rep via their websites and confirm that the Dental Implants were in fact purchased via their company and are genuine.

I have spent hours searching for a website that the reader could click onto and peruse “Actual” costs of Dental Implants themselves – remember that a dental Implant comprises of approximately 6-8 dental implant components.

A part of your Dental Implant process the site Costs of Dental Implant parts links as an Australian dentist we would not buy from such a site as it sells compatible – not original (remember TGA approval is crucial.

For anything that is placed in the body) but for the reader you can scroll most Implant systems and upskill the parts required

Loans for Dental Implants or Not?

Comparative pricing websites for Perth Dental Implants

With the digital trend has arisen new gorillas in the game such as a website that has PRE- negotiated discounts for their patients – Ensuring the savings that are 15 to 40% below the usual Price list offered by the Dentist. Across Australia but with approximately 30 Dentists now in Perth that have committed – for a annual fee of $70 for a single person or $100 for a family

You can call with Dental treatments you require, quotes you have received and will scan their pricelists for dentists that offer dental Implant treatments that are priced to your budget.

The second kingpin in this space is this site sells advertising space to Clinicians for their Treatments and prices accordingly – An easy to navigate where prices are listed and you can scroll for the dentist with price and qualifications that suit your budget.

Why does comparative advertising help? And NO we are not advertised on Whatclinic – Yes we are Smile members, but this has not cost us money, it has put us online and visible to the patient who is price and quality conscious.

2/3 of Australians have a Health Cover Fund with Major Dental Cover and this affords many patients the Funding to enjoy much of the Dental Implant treatment for a single Implant Armed with their Health Care fund Dental Implant Allowance in tow on an annual or bi-annual basis.

What to expect at the Dental Implant consult

You will be met with 2 completely different situations

A clinic that carries out treatments with a focus such a Dental Implants, values potential patients – The Clinician has no voice outside – they do not answer their own phones and can not relay their skill or knowledge – they rely heavily on Intellectual Capital of their FRONT staff

Not only staff that are Extremely knowledgeable but have EQ and an understanding of Financial responsibility to a peaceful treatment. The Front staff are an extension of the dentist – judge accordingly.

Scenario 1

Enter Waiting room -Reception staff give you no idea on pricing – look busy with more important matters – fill out the medical form and sit quietly 20 Minute appointment – leaving you with more questions than answers
Dentist refers you for a 3D X-ray promises a quote The Implant was discussed -clinician shows no interest in spending time on your concerns You are treated like an Invoice number and EXTREME attention Is placed on time – you feel uneasy

There was no Pre or post consult with staff to discuss pricing – reality check here why go for a 3D X-ray on a treatment that could fall out of your budget.

To give you an idea- its like getting a safety report done on a vehicle you want to buy but have no idea what the car is selling for
WARNING: many patients are
forced to carry out 3D x-ray prior to
a consult – not acceptable

Scenario 2

Enter Waiting room
Price-lists / Video footage
you have arrived in Implant world

Reception staff immediately
Offer their assistance with any questions prior to the consult

45 Minute appointment
comprehensive -cost $55
Clinician has vast array of
Teaching models and
spends much time upskilling you
both on your Implant and The Dental Crown

Dentist refers you for a 3D
X-ray on which you will return
for a FREE discussion

The Implant Price negotiator
offers price guide on all possible outcomes and prices accordingly
carries out a quote on your health Fund card- advises on what funds you have available

Discuss the Quality Dental Implant Crowns they offer and explains the various materials and outcomes why Transparency, hue, colour, shape and mapping are critical to an Excellent result

You leave clinic armed with ALL
information you need

Your need reputation and Warranty see Dr Nunes

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Cost of Dental Implant in Perth Based on Dental Codes