Implant-Supported Dentures in Perth

What are Dentures?

There are a variety of different types of dentures. Some are designed to replace all the teeth while others are needed just to replace a few. The one big factor that sets dentures apart from other false teeth, is that dentures can be removed from the mouth while your other options, such as all-on-4, can’t be removed. Dentures are not likely to ever feel completely natural but the technology has come a really long way and dentures are more comfortable than ever before.

Implant-Supported Bar Denture Costs and Procedure

First Consultation

Before any work begins, Dr Jose’ Nunes will determine quantity and quality of bone, periodontal history and grade your case on a risk versus reward percentage. This way the patient makes a decision based on FACTS before treatment. We will not treat patients with gum disease without the complete Risk assessment and FULL clearance certificate from the Perio to confirm the gum disease is under control.

The main purpose of a consultation is to determine the quality and quantity of your bone as well as the prime location for placing the implants. The impressions will also be used to make models of your teeth structure upon which the dimensions of the temporary denture are based and a clear understanding of daily maintenance required for Implant dentures. Many patients step away at this stage as they do not have the time to commit to cleaning for 10 minutes per day. (5 mins morning and night)

Surgery Step #1

This treatment involves making an incision in the gums and placing the dental implants (usually 3 or 4) for lower jaw in the available jawbone. After the implant is placed into the hole (drilled in the bone), Dr Nunes will stitch up the incision. The temporary denture is then placed in such a way that no direct pressure is placed on the implants – a soft reline may be necessary to take the pressure off your gum and ensure patient is comfortable at all times and NEVER without a denture. The Australian dental association call code 684 the applicable code for placing an implant and we charge $1280 to $1580 for this ADA dental code.

The return of second step of the procedure varies on whether the implants were placed in the upper (5-7 months later) or lower jaw (3-5 months later). This time period allows the bone and implants to biologically ‘fuse’ together in a process known as osseointegration.

Procedure #2

Following the Bone integration or also known as osseointegration process, the implant is now ready for the second part of treatment. Dr Nunes would confirm whether the implants have become fused with the bone by taking an x-ray. In this follow-up procedure, a small incision would be made in the gum to expose the tops of the implants and code 691 cost is $399 whereby an Osstell ISQ is used to test the exact integration levels and provide the most predictable outcome.

Dr Nunes then places a round piece of metal, known as a healing cap, on the head of each exposed implant. The collar, used to hold the gums separate from the implant head, will remain in place for 7-10 days. In the meantime, the temporary denture may require another reline. The healing caps/heads are replaced with regular abutments about two weeks after the second procedure.

Once your gums have healed DR Nunes is able to take impressions of your gum tissue and abutments. The model of your jaw and abutments is then made to fabricate the permanent Implant Bar custom made that joins all the Implants together. This is high precision work and carried out by a Master technician – in our case our technician has been working with Dr Nunes for 20 years.

Try-in Stage about 7-10 days later

Once the metal bar is placed on the abutments and fits together with the dental framework in perfect form and fit, the artificial teeth would be temporarily placed on the framework in wax. The try in then carried out to confirm the wax-up is to the liking of the patient, from opening up the mouth to correct that overclosed sad appearance to colour and shape of the teeth, immense time is taken on the cosmetic part of the treatment and ensuring the patient and surgeon are both.

Completely happy with the IDEAL bite and often referred to as “Anti-aging dentistry” features – Once manufactured the completed Implant bar denture tried in your mouth – the teeth would then be permanently custom manufactured to encompass all factors that provide a premium denture and premium bite.

Depending on the type of implant-supported bar denture, you will not be able to remove the denture using only your hand, it will require a small tool as these dentures are completely fitting and this is the process that allows the eating of nuts, carrots and apples is the extreme connectivity of the bar denture and the fact that it is incredible firm with no movement.

You will have to return for another visit to check up and ensure cleaning of implants is adequate, you might need a small adjustment on the denture itself from any sore spots but this follow is included in the price.

Dental Implant-Supported Bar Dentures – why are they superior?

How long does the implant-supported bar denture procedure take?

This entire procedure takes 3 to 5 months from beginning to end. Most patients want the convenience of No movement and the ability to chew on difficult crunchy foods. This Implant bar supported denture often suits patient who lost their teeth a long time ago and have very little bone left for treatment. They are also the patient who can no longer wear a standard denture without replacing the denture fixative a few times per day.

Is the Implant supported Bar denture superior to standard implant retained denture and why?

The implants are usually placed in the jawbone with a higher bone mass – typically at the front of your mouth. The front of the jaw is also preferred because it does not have many nerves that may complicate the implant placement of the bar supported dentures.
This placement in the front of the mouth and then connected by a bar allows for maximum triangulation and precision that ensures the denture cannot lift up or have any movement whatsoever, the only way to remove the implant supported bar denture is with the use of a small tool. Its takes 2 seconds to remove.

Do I need the extra cost of a temporary denture?

The new temporary manufactured denture is necessary only if you are not already wearing a complete denture. As the name suggests, the temporary denture is used prior to your final implant-supported denture completion.

Why should you get Implant supported bar Denture versus Fixed All-on-4?

Implant supported bar dentures are more secure than traditional implant denture Implant dentures are also more comfortable for the wearer. Most people report they far prefer this treatment to fixed Implant Bridges as it allows a patient to maintain their hygiene to a far higher standard and can use a toothbrush to clean, unlike in a fixed implant bridge that requires waterpick, super floss and interdental brushes. The All-on-4 also requires maintenance twice a year at your dentist and often at a fee of $1500 per visit. An all-on-4 costs on average of $30 000 upwards and with continuing maintenance costs is always double the price with double the risk.
• Implant supported bar denture prevents the wearer from experiencing sore spots and pressure points commonly associated with removable dentures.
• When wearing implanted dentures, it prevents further bone loss that occurs from missing teeth. This also allows the facial structure to stay the same, and keeps up health as the wearer eats foods that are complex and good for digestion and far more superior for health and longevity, many denture wearers tend to eat softer foods that are way to processed.

How much do implant-supported dentures cost?

The cost of the entire procedure per jaw is $18700 for the most state of the art denture, teeth, bar and surgery combined as well as the small tool required to remove the denture from the bar.

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