How to Avoid a Bad Dental Implant treatment

How to Avoid a Bad Dental Implant treatment

How to avoid a bad DENTAL IMPLANT with No warranty? What Guarantee or Warranty  is standard with a Dental Implant?

What Qualifications should the Dental Implant Surgeon have?

Appropriately trained Dentists that have the ability  to deal with the complex or simple Dental Implant treatment. How to avoid bad Implant Youtube 

Our research for Results of  the highest qualification available for Dental Implant studies was a Post Grad in Dental Implants. However approximately 6 years ago a specialty Masters Program (MSc) of Oral Implantology was started. Most Australian surgeons have attended Goethe University in Frankfurt for their Specialty in the Dental Implant world.

Master program in Oral Implantology not yet  available in West Australia and in order to complete a Master in Oral Implantology. Will entail the Implants surgeon traveling overseas  for a few years more.  However Specialists such as Prosthodontists – periodontists and Max fac would also carry extended training and trained locally.

The Top 30 Questions to ask for  Factors +  Checklist that effect the choice of Dental Implant surgeon you choose

  1. What is the Highest Qualification the Dental Implant Surgeon has achieved?
  2. How many Dental Implants has the dentist placed? 50 – 100 – 1000 or over 10 000?
  3. Specific Implant systems has the surgeon placed and are they TGA approved and what is their choice of Implants – Does the choice fall in the top 10 networks in the world?
  4. Is the dentist aware of all the various dental Implant systems such as angled or straight Dental Implants?
  5. Where did the dentist qualify?
  6. Can you see proof of certification of Qualifications? Are they the best implants ever?
  7. Do their Qualifications meet legal requirements for the appropriate complexity of Implant procedure
  8. How many Years has the dentist placed Teeth Implants for?
  9. Are all components used in the Implant process from start to finish, all original? and will they assist in best cheap dental implants
  10. Does the Doctor have any cases against him at the AHPRA or Dental Association?
  11. Malpractice lists are available online in Australia on the AHPRA website
  12. What professional Organisations do they belong? Strict and regulations are a part of Organisations
  13. Complete information on Warranty is offered for a Dental Implant and What will maintenance cost to Uphold the Warranty?
  14. What are the hidden costs? what other costs could you encounter before or after the dental implant procedure
  15. Level and standard of Equipment does The surgeon use? Do they test the bone integration with simple X-ray guesswork or Bone Integration technology called Osstell ISQ?
  16. How many Dental Implant machines does the clinic have? do they accommodate different kinds of dental implants
  17. Dental Implant records -original paperwork and stickers with lot number and Original details
  18. The bone graft material is used during the Bone graft procedure of the Implant 
  19. Must you wear full drapes for your latest dental procedure?
  20. Will the implant surgeon and team wear drapes for your broken tooth replacement?
  21.  Foot covers, headcovers and drapes for temporary and permanent dental implants?
  22. Does everyone wear sterile head covers?
  23. Will you receive Pre and Post Op instructions
  24. Is your post-op checkup for FREE or charged for?
  25. If I need a follow-up post up check – is there a charge?
  26. Dental Implant quote fully inclusive or are there hidden costs?
  27. What if I have a problem at 10 pm after surgery – is there an After Hours number with a REAL person answering?

What Dental Implant is our Standard protocol

This is a multivariable answer. Yes . . . We guarantee our implants for five years after placement, which means we will pick up any replacement costs associated with any failure. 

 If the patient does not attend their follow-up appointments, no guarantee, the number 1 reason for Dental Implant failure is poor oral hygiene at any one of their follow-up appointments and upon reexamination. 

  • The Implant surgeon will ask to see you on an annual basis to check up hygiene and carry out a maintenance consult – Check beforehand WHAT the cost of these consults will be.
  • You do not want to be a hostage or at the mercy of a dental implant clinic that charges a fortune for implant maintenance or threatens you with a NULL and VOID guarantee.
  • No different to car maintenance scheduling fees from a car dealer. ASK in advance for all costs related to Dental Implant maintenance post-implant placement that keep your Warranty intact.

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