Dental Implant Bridge

Dental Implants Bridge

Dental Implant Bridge Costs and Treatment Options in Perth by Number of Implants and Teeth Units – January 2021

Have 3 teeth Missing? Here are sophisticated solutions to replacing multiple teeth by Implant Clinic – Dr Jose’ Nunes has placed 14500 implants since 1999. We offer the best service in Perth.

  • 2 Implants + 3 Teeth Units ( porcelain fused to metal ) $8800 non complex
  • 3 Implants + 4 Teeth Units ( porcelain fused to metal) $9930 non complex
  • 3 Implants + 5 Teeth Units ( porcelain fused to metal) $12300 non complex
  • 4 Implants + 5 Teeth Units ( porcelain fused to metal) $16991 non complex
  • 4 Implants + 6 Teeth Units ( porcelain fused to metal) $17200 non complex
  • 5 Implants + 6 Teeth Units ( porcelain fused to metal) $27900 non complex
  • 6 Implants + 9 – 12 Teeth Units ( porcelain fused to metal) $29999 non complex

When would an Implant Bridge not suit a patient?

– Too young – not yet developed ( Growth plate X-ray required).
– Chronic disease might prevent the treatment or prior medication
– Previous Chronic levels radiation head/neck
– Extreme low iron levels alongside poor hygiene
– Pregnant + X-rays not good for dental implant bridge risks and costs
– Smoker – unable to quit for required healing Time frame
– Substance abuse alongside poor hygiene
– Excessive TMJ disorder

What other options would you have to a Dental Implant Bridge

– Partial Acrylic Dentures
– Teeth/Tooth supported Bridge
– Maryland Bridge Implant Bridge Dr Jose Nunes

Rewards of a Dental Implant Bridge risks and costs versus a Fixed Bridge attached to adjacent teeth.

Tip 1 on how to secure the perfect dental implant fixed bridge treatment outcome
  • Grind down adjacent teeth in order to fit a fixed bridge
  • The Fixed bridge will not prevent bone loss underneath the pontic tooth
  • A Fixed Bridge last 7- 10 years , the Gum levels will retract and margins will appear
  • Number 1 fault is Gum level above the Pontic tooth retracts as the bone shape changes
  • Flattening of the gum level as it no longer HUGS the Tooth shape

Rewards of a Dental Implant bridge costs versus Denture costs

Australian health funds process for dental implant bridge
  • A Partial Denture last 2-4 years Dental Implant Bridge costs
  • will need adjustment every 24 months or more according to change in bone and soft tissue
  • Speech could be changed
  • Deteriorate and Break ant Bridge costs
  • Can quickly lose a denture ( a favourite for the family pet)
  • Appear fake and effect social behaviour ( risk of a loose denture falling out, moving or clicking)
  • Emotional and social Embarrassment cost of Dentures and stigma attached erased
  • Facial appearance is retained with a Dental Implant Bridge
  • Cleaning products -No need to soak or wash, rinse or clean denture ( save on denture cleaning products)
  • Fixative or adhesive products ( savings on the purchase of the items)
  • Convenience costs – permanently in your mouth an Implant bridge – clean as per your teeth regime
  • Won’t click or create a change in your speech  as the denture wears down Dental Implant Bridge costs