Same Day Dental Implant

What is a Same day Dental Implant and temporary Crown?

What are the prices and risks in PERTH, West Australia? as of July 2019

Same Day Dental Implant

5 Steps to a Tooth replacement in 70 Minutes by Dr Jose’ Nunes

Immediate Tooth replacement in 70 minutes
  1. 3D Cone image provides the platform for a Digital print out of actual tooth a few days prior to treatment (for our Master Dental tech).
  2. On the actual day of surgery we book 90 minutes (time also includes the paperwork and consent forms from patient.
  3. Immediate placement of the Implant and Temporary Crown in 70 minutes from start to finish.
  4. Check up in 14 days.
  5. Return in 3 to 9 months for Permanent Implant Crown.

1st stage Place Same day Dental Implant

Place Temporary Same day Dental Implant Crown within 70 Minutes

NOTE: Platform switching is critical to minimum bone loss alongside Original Components

Immediate Replacement: Tooth removed and immediately replaced with an Implant screw
Immediate Loading: Same day Dental Implant screw is placed and Temporary crown in 70 minutes

Same day treatment ? Why would happen ?
Either a tooth has been lost through an Accident, Dental problem or you have been advised by your Dentist that you require a same day Dental Implant.

Can I afford a Same Day Dental Implant and Temporary Crown?

First thing! Call your Health care Fund in for example HCF, Bupa, HBF, Medibank etc. and enquire on your Yearly Major Dental Limit. Many patients have a major dental allowance of $2000 a year and use this to carry out Dental implant treatment year on year without ever contributing funds themselves. Dr Jose Nunes is completely committed to long term treatments, dislikes finance for his patients and will work out a process that is affordable and Stress Free.

Remember a Same day Dental Implant can unfold over a year or 2, even more, Many patients choose placement of the Dental Implant screw in the first year and restore as their financial position allows. Do not be bullied into PAY now schemes. Pay only for the treatment you are receiving.

So lets start……. Protocols for your Implant placements

1) Usually first thing in the morning your same day Dental Implant is placed
Impressions taken This will cost you $2740 for the entire Front Tooth Immediate replacement

Why? Everyone else wants me to wait 3 months – why can this be done on the same day?

Dr Jose Nunes has been placing Same Day Dental Implants for over 18 years now Up to 10 years ago it was restricted to the Smile Line area (where no bite pressure could interfere with healing) but these days the failure rate has been quantified from 1 to 4% and many patients prefer the 4% and opt for that Same day Dental Implant crown however most reputable same day Dental Implant Placements guarantee their work so this 4% is their risk not yours.

This information would the most critical when seeking a Dental Dental Implant Placements – should you fall into that unlucky 4% what will the PERTH Dental Implant practise do to fix the problem? REMEMBER – The work MUST be guaranteed! All our Same Day Dental Implant have their bone Integration levels checked at 3 months – should your implant fail at this test, it will be replaced FREE of charge with NO extra cost you

Trends in Same Day Dental Implant – If you think Uber and Airtasker are trending. Well Same Day dental Implant is hot on their tracks.

This would be the fastest growing trend in Same Day Dental Implant Dentistry bar none.
The most critical part which many are not aware, the Gum (gingival level) maintained with a Same day placement. Aesthetic results on Same day Dental implants are the way of the future, way too many corrective procedures on gingival levels are carried out due to the Aesthetic change during the standard 3to 6 month wait period and counter measures afterwards are timely and costly in repairing the gum to an acceptable state as this is a comprehensive approach in the Same Day Dental Implant and Temporary Crown treatment.

What is the downside to an Immediate Front tooth replacement

The downside to a Same hour Immediate front Tooth Dental Implant in PERTH is costing

  1. The total cost for treatment excluding the Cone beam X-ray is $2740
  2. The cone beam specialised X-ray which is used not only for treatment planning but Printing out a 3D model of the teeth a few days prior to surgery
  3. The cost of a Cone beam is $315
  4. The tooth Crown is purely for cosmetic purposes and may not be used to bite food as it takes 3 months for the Implant to integrate
  5. Once the healing period is over a stability test is carried out, the readings will dictate if the Tooth can be used once again to bite and chew

for all the Same day Dental Implant components and Dental Crown taking this treatment to $2740 Who in PERTH does Same day Dental Implants – There will be names added to this as we collate but to start off
At Same day Dental Implant placements we charge $2440
For a Same day Dental Implant or Front tooth Dental Implant The upside of a Same Day Dental Implant, you walk out with an Implant Dental Crown and the toothless Gap now gone.
Its a predictable outcome versus the annoyance of a False Tooth or Denture creating you great angst.

Same Day Dental Implant and Temporary crown is $2740 all inclusive Perth Brentwood WA over 70 minutes

Tooth Implant and Temporary Crown in Perth WA. The Immediate Tooth Implant in 70 Minutes

The Same Day Dental Implant or Immediate Tooth Implant is our Signature treatment. This signature Treatment by Dr Nunes for a single visit in 70 minutes that allows placement of both implant and Temporary Crown. For this we would require a 3D cone beam X-ray for complete assessment prior to surgery.

What happens if I snap my front tooth off?

  1. Never throw tooth away, as a temporary measure you could re-glue tooth using a chemist bought dental glue till you visit a dentist.
  2.  If more than 30% of the tooth is remaining you could get a dentist to build it up with a new post, cost $350 – $900 ( Excluding crown cost)
  3.  If less than 30% of the tooth is visible, then an Implant would be one of the solutions – cost $3404 complete treatment for a non-complex or the Same day Implant and Temporary crown $2740 which would require no denture
  4. However if your tooth snaps late at night, the most cost-effective short term solution is a bite splint which looks like clear orthodontic retainers, but your missing tooth will not have to be visible, and life can continue. The cost of a Bite splint is $180 to $380 across Perth WA and requires a dentist visit.
  5. The more expensive short term solution to a Tooth which has snapped at gum level is a single tooth denture – in West Australia cost is $589 to $720 on average.
  6. Should you plan on having a Dental Implant, then retaining the tooth root is critical as an early extraction would see the bone collapse and ultimately lead to expensive bone grafting afterwards.

What are the top Benefits of  Same Day Dental Implant  -Immediate removal | Immediate loaded | Immediate Temp crown?

world first treatment offered by Dr jose nunes in 70 minutes

1- No need for a Denture or Bridge

2- The mucosal gum healing is superb ( limits gum recession later on) for perfect gum shape post implant

3- Treatment in 1 single session – Turn around time is limited to 70 minutes. You never leave the dental chair

The downside to Same hour Implant and Temporary crown?

1- You may not bite on the tooth for 3 to 4 months – purely for cosmetic purposes

Focus on a 70 minute treatment TIME frame $2740.00 in Perth WA –

Often referred to as an Emergency Dental Implant, Same day Teeth or Immediate replacement | Immediate Loading Dental Implant 

 70 Minutes Time frame – 2 stages

same day tooth and crown in 70 minutes
  • Removal of Tooth ( Code 311- Cost $149)
  • Surgical Placement of Same-day Implant ( Code 684 – $1452) Immediate Loading
  • High precision Impressions for Temporary Implant cap/Crown with Temporary Abutment ( we do not offer ceramic abutment for Temporary ) Code 633 – Provisional Abutment for Immediate removal\Immediate Replacement Implant
  • 70 Minutes later – Placement of the Temporary Implant Crown $988 | Dental Code 631 
  • The Average cost of a single Same day Implant and crown in Perth, WA is $4900 -we charge $2740
  • On average in Australia the cost of same-day single Implant and Temporary crown is $4800 – the reason in price is due to the dental lab who produces the Temporary implant crown within a short time frame – usually 7 hour to 24 hours
  • BENEFITS: Immediate replacement/ Immediate loading safeguards optimal  soft tissue shape for optimal Aesthetics.
    * WE only use original Parts – no compatible parts WHATSOEVER

Why is a Same Day Dental Implant different to a standard treatment Implant ?

The standard protocols for a single dental implant or multiple implants is the placement of the titanium into the lower or upper jaw, leaving the Implants buried, and osseointegration takes place. With a Tooth in a Day, the implant placed has the Temporary Abutment and Crown placed on the same day as surgery. The reason being that these teeth are in the smile line and are not a part of the occlusion ( the bite) and will not participate in the usual chewing function as the are manufactured slightly shorter than teeth alongside – see illustration provided

Warranty on Teeth in a day

  • A same day Implant with Dr Jose’ Nunes extends the exact same Warranty an Implant placed and the standard 3 to 6 month waiting period
  • When Implant is tested at 3 to 6 months using our Osstell ISQ -if there is any sign of failure we replace FREE of charge with no cost to the patient keeping the guarantee of implant costs for patient

Alternatives to a Same Day Dental Implant

  • Single denture
  • 3 Unit bridge

Possible candidates for Same hour teeth | Same hour Dental Implant

It is the single hour completion rate that prompts a Same-day Dental Implant, Same day Teeth treatment , immediate provisionalization,  or Immediate Implants perhaps an emergency dental implant

  • Imminent loss of a tooth
  • Tooth lost prior
  • Gagging response to dentures
  • Avoid the embarrassment of  gaps in the smile
  • Tooth fracture beyond Crown post

What are the risks ?

  • Temporary Implant crown manufactured shorter ( kept out of occlusion ) not used as a functional BITING tooth
  • Dr J Nunes will seek a required Torque level in order to load with a Temporary Crown for your Same day teeth
  • Highly skilled dental lab Emergence profile Aesthetics for beautiful gum level and bone outcome
  • Buccal Bone :  Highly skilled surgeon ( risk of failure) need adequate amount of buccal bone
  • Should Implant fail at 3 months – 2nd stage – FREE of charge replacement by Surgeon – No risk for Same day teeth treatment

Costs / Prices in total for a Same-Day Dental Implant for treatment you require ?  what are same day teeth

Costings are set at $2740 is the Complete cost of the Same Day Implant or same day teeth and Crown and includes the cost of the Tooth removal with Same day codes.  Treatment planning and X-ray provides all the information required on potential Bone Biomaterial graft  see our  Sinus +Bone graft price list

What will a graft for a Same day implant cost also called Same Day Teeth?

For Same day Teeth The one factor we can not quote for is a Biomaterials graft, In order to place a dental implant that same day dental implant perth will provide an excellent emergence profile if required.

Cost $ 250 – 300 Bone graft 0.5g to 2g  for a single site Same day Dental Implant or same day teeth 

Cracked teeth with defect in bone or infected area with a bone defect.

What is the difference between a Same Day dental implant and a Standard Implant treatment?

A temporary crown is made of either an Acrylic or a composite material which same day teeth is perfect for a tooth not engaged in your chewing or biting but not advised to same-day dental Implant Perth

Retain for longer than your Implant clinician treatment plan. same day teeth

Cost-saving exercise, this is only possible if the tooth has fallen in the smile line area for Same day Teeth

Will negate The usual 2nd stage of the same Day Implant as there is usually no surgical intervention involved with a buried Implant same day teeth

Due to the fact, the Same Day Dental Implants or referred to as same-day teeth is already attached to a Temporary Dental Implant crown with an existing Abutment, The next stage same day teeth

3 to 6 months later will be readings by the Osstell ISQ on your same-day Implant, or Immediate Implant undertake readings on the bone integration and followed by a successful reading the Impression for the Permanent Dental Crown same-day dental implant Perth

are conducted, and the Dental Implant Crown in either a Zirconia or Porcelain material will cost in order of $999 to $1400 in Australia

Should you require a Graft or sinus lift – due to an injury or possibly a change in shape

for many years without a tooth in the area or perhaps an infection

has eaten away bone in the area – the price of a Biomaterials graft same-day dental implant Perth

is between anywhere from $300 upwards in Perth Australia for same-day Teeth same day teeth

Who offers a Same-Day Dental Implant? same day teeth

Only a skilled Clinician such as Dr Nunes with advanced training in this procedure .

Dental Implants by Dr Nunes for further updates same-day dental implant Perth or same-day teeth implants 

The Qualifications and skills for a Same-Day Dental Implant or referred to as Same day teeth

by DR Jose’ Nunes of Post-op care instructions for the same day implant or same-day teeth on website page

Further Implant costs

We Practice TRANSPARENT DENTISTRY – Honor your time – Upfront Price list

Single Implant Procedure PERTH  PatientsCostNotes
Single Implant – 0.5g Bone Graft


– 1g Bone Graft with single Implant treatment

– 2g Bone Graft with single Implant treatment

Initial consultation  and evaluation with Dr Nunes






Start to finish – Implant through to Porcelain Crown ( no bone graft required


–  ( Implant through to crown) with 0.5 gram bone graft included

– (  Tooth Implant through to crown) with 2 grams bone graft included

Treatment options and costs

Pre-surgical diagnostics for dental implant$320Teeth Implant 3D cone beam
Surgical Tooth Extraction$149 per Tooth 
Implant Placement : Code 684$1 450 per implantNon complex Single Dental Implant placement -No restoration
Stage 2 – Bone Integration readings : Code 691


Stage 3 – Abutment + High Precision Impressions : Code 661

Permanent porcelain crown with Gold screw : Code 672




$1199 per tooth replaced

The permanent dental crown restoration can normally be attached after


12 – 16 weeks of healing post-implant placement

Post-operative and hygiene appointments in the first year of serviceFreeIncludes 1 hygiene appointment
 All on 4  Procedure for Perth patientsCostNotes
Initial Dental  Implant consultation for dental implant cost comparison$55 Implant Treatment options quote and Consult All on 4
Pre-surgical diagnostics for All on 4$320Dental Implant for 3D Cone Beam  All on 4
 Surgical Tooth Extraction is capped at$149 per tooth 
All on 4


All on 6

$ 29000



All-on-4 or All-on-6 with Permanent Dental Implants alongside Permanent Fixed Appliance


TAKE NOTE: Yearly Maintenance of All-on-4 is required (upfront quotes essential)

Removable Implant Supported Denture (Anti-aging design) non complex, does not include implants, denture only$3900 per arch Extreme attention placed on Facial and Advanced Impression protocols
Removable Acrylic – porcelain or zirconia permanent restoration


with Dental implant Surgery – 4-6 Implants

$17 800 per archA stronger restoration and carries a 7 year warranty on breakages for All on 4

Same Day Dental Implant – Smile Line Only

Co-axis Angled Dental Implant for Superior Emergence Profile

Same Day  Dental Implants  Complex – Bone Graft with 0.5g to 2g Biomaterial Bone graft and membrane




Placement of Implant and Temporary Crown within 70 minutes ( Non complex)
Post op Check at  Day 2 , Day 10 ,6 Months and 12 MonthsNo charge 

Temporary Dental Implant Crown

Cost of $2740 for an Immediate Placement and Immediate Loaded Same day Implant and Temporary Crown temporary implant crowns are all platform switched to limit bone loss.

In Perth dentistry, broken or missing teeth ideal replacement with a dental implant. This treatment is a financial decision as from start to finish minimum cost is $3404 for a complete dental implant treatment compared to a denture of $150 for a single tooth.

There is also the Immediate loaded treatment whereby a tooth root is extracted and immediately replaced with Dental Implant – 12 to 24 hours later, a custom made Temporary dental Implant crown is placed. No denture whatsoever.

This same day immediate loaded dental Implant with Temporary Implant Crown. Usually, a Permanent Implant crown is placed 3-6 months later HOWEVER merely for cosmetic and aesthetic reasons and in no way can masticatory biting or chewing for three months a Temporary Crown is placed- the outcome of stability is ultimately decided during placement of the Dental Implant and desired torque readings reached to ensure loading of the Temporary Implant crown viable

We provide extensive Pre and Post-op instructions for our Immediate loaded Dental Implants

Dental Crowns & Why the Price Tag

The cost factor of a Tooth Crown in Perth and why the prices across West Australia ranges from $1199 to $2899

A Different Type of Dental Crown | Often called a Tooth Cap or Tooth Crown is a tooth-shaped cover that caps and replaces a tooth that needs repairing or restoring to its ideal form, anatomy and strength. It is often a recommended treatment option when the extent of your tooth damage is too large. Repairs with bonded restorative materials or other methods of restoration. Youtube on Crowns

A dental crown treatment may be used to:

  • Repair teeth with an abundance of caries
  • Support an adjacent tooth dental bridge as replacement of a missing tooth
  • Replace old or redundant fillings
  • Restore broken Teeth at times possible a cracked tooth
  • Replace teeth single or multiple
    (in conjunction with dental implants a Dental Implant is necessary)

Dental crowns/ Caps are grouped according to the type of materials from which they are manufactured within the dental lab, including:

  • All-metal (including gold and alloys)
  • Stainless steel or similar
  • Porcelain-fused-to-metal or known as PFM
  • All-ceramic – CADCAM

Here are the different types of permanent crowns available to Perth patients

All-Porcelain/ All-Ceramic / Zirconia

Made from pure a material of ceramic, this type of restoration has the most attractive appearance and in the hands of the right dentist and ceramist.

Blends seamlessly with your natural teeth. It may be fabricated from a wide range of dental ceramics suitable to each individual patient.

Dentists have used ceramic crowns for decades although modern restorations use engineered type of ceramics that are more robust and aesthetic, yet at the same time require very conservative tooth preparations

Simply, there isn’t a better looking dental crown than an all-ceramic type. The life-like quality of a porcelain crown may be attributed to its natural-looking colour, which can be matched to perfectly blend in with your adjacent teeth, and its ability to mimic the translucency and hue of real tooth enamel

Compared to PFM and all-metal crowns, an all-porcelain crown is considered less robust. However, modern ceramic technologies, such as e.Max porcelain, have meant that ceramic crowns can have similar strength properties similar ( not the same but similar). These previously mentioned materials.

This is extremely important for those patients who have significant grinding wear damage to their teeth. With no previous fillings or restorations. We can rebuild these teeth with highly aesthetic, high-strength, and long-lasting restorations with the removal of only a small amount of the natural tooth enamel.

IN a case of Bruxism a careful consideration will take place on what material will provide longevity suitable to the TMJ – Bruxism of the patient in question

Modern porcelain and ceramics not only mimic natural teeth with hue and depth, but the surface texture is also stain-resistant. It retains the natural colour, depth and transparency throughout the life of the restoration. The strong material allows the crown to withstand biting and chewing forces that are similar to that of a healthy natural tooth

All-Resin ( not advised in most cases – often seen in Dental Crowns Abroad)

The least expensive of all dental crown/caps types, resin or plastic crowns lack the glass-like aesthetic qualities that porcelain crowns have. They carry a dead quality that looks akin to a piece of chewing gum. The material also heavily stains over time and is not as strong ( often breaking off in small pieces) or natural looking as their porcelain/ ceramic counterparts. At Dental Implant Placements Perth, we offer dental crowns at the cost of $1199 for the rear of the mouth and $1499 for front of the mouth High Aesthetic region. For the most reasonable prices in a competitive market, book your consultation with Dr Nunes.

Porcelain-Fused-To-Metal (PFM) Great choice for dental implant crowns

A world between metal and porcelain crowns, PFMs consist of a manufactured dental lab metal substructure that is layered with a veneer of porcelain, followed on by fusion to the metal in a high heat oven. The result a hybrid composition delivering a crown with a durable and stable underlying framework with natural tooth-coloured exterior. PFM crowns are durable and last decades, may be used for either front or back teeth.

Whilst they can be closely matched to natural teeth, the metal substructure technology has brought forward excellent materials that assist the transmission of light through the tooth and crown, and these types of restorations have gained an excellent result in transparency in the last two years with the new Innovative products. The risk is over time the underlying metal can also show through as a dark edge underneath the tooth’s gum line as it receded.

Indeed, be fully exposed in the event of some soft tissue (gum) recession. Gum recession is a natural part of our biology as we age, but a patient with gum disease will need critical care to prevent the quick changes brought about by gum disease.


Often used when dental crowns are placed on a young child as they will last decades. The metal of crown is made out of metals or alloys, including gold, palladium, nickel or chromium. In the past, it made an excellent choice for teeth that are expected to withstand heavy chewing and biting forces what was not anticipated was the extra wear and tear it causes to opposing teeth.

Usually molars located in the back of the mouth. However, changes in thinking bring with a ceramic technology that provides an ideal substitute for teeth of this nature. There is no question the aesthetics are a massive disadvantage to all-metal crown that would appear a solid tooth of silver in the mouth.