Smile Makeover in Perth

A smile makeover is just as the word describes, teeth that fall within the smile line and are most obvious when we talk or laugh. This term is now a common treatment request for leading cosmetic focused dentists.

What changes can be made to a smile line of teeth? A plethora of treatments fall into this category.

To begin with, there are a few factors to consider:

  • Are the current teeth to feminine or masculine?
  • Is the proportion in height and width of each tooth correct?
  • Is there a natural hue and transparency to the tooth as a younger tooth would emit?
  • Discolouration
  • Staining and chips
  • Crooked teeth
  • Missing teeth
  • Gum proportion in contrast to correct gum level requirements
  • Front upper teeth length – in comparison to upper lip
  • Lower teeth – over exposed in relation to lower lip
  • Speech
  • Facial bone loss from lack of bone or bone loss
  • Under bite
  • Over bite

A standard smile makeover begins with a consultation. The cost of a consultation in Australia WA is $55 on average, depending on the different cosmetic dental clinic. Usually a designated room with video, camera and special lighting is used to capture the smile line and speech patterns.

The ultimate for speech in ladies and men older than 45 is an emphasis on the over exposed lower teeth and underexposed upper teeth. The main focus is to correct the number of teeth seen on the patient, especially the upper teeth. The number one solution to a gravity upper lip is lengthening the front upper teeth with natural dental crowns.

Smile Makeover

There are a few critical areas on the upper teeth crowns that need emphasis, especially for anti-ageing dental caps that would replicate a patient’s younger smile.

  • The shade of the crown must match the colour of the sclera (white of eye). This is a critical focus as the harmony between the 2 leads to a final product that looks natural and not false.
  • In an article we wrote on the top 10 trends in dental crowns – the fastest growing trend, especially in the technology race of dental lab manufacture of dental crowns, is the critical attention to the incisal edge and a tooth finish with a transparency on the edge that replicates a far younger teenage tooth. This has come about through the advancement of technology and with custom made caps and crowns. Dental technicians are producing the most outstanding dental crowns indistinguishable to natural teeth.
  • A further trend noted in our article was attention to the tooth shape and people aged 45 plus, need extra size to add volume to the upper lip. This is one of the main focuses when doing smile makeovers.
  • Woman are tiring from the constant use of injectable lip fillers. Now there is a massive move toward a natural tooth shape which compliments the lip shape and alters in a permanent fashion. The one surgery which is impossible in the plastic surgery world is plastic surgery to change the lips. A smile makeover will give even better results than lip fillers would.
  • A more natural approach to anti-ageing changes in the mouth is now focused on the teeth. The consultation for anti-ageing is completely focused on the upper and lower dynamic of the lips and relationship to the existing teeth.
  • Once we ascertain which changes can be made; we then produce either a computerised image which the patient can view or we produce a 3D model. The patient takes the model home and makes a decision based on the actual shape and size of smile makeover crowns that mimic the future work. Along with this, you also receive a comprehensive quote on what the work will cost.

The cost on a smile makeover per dental crown is $999 and this includes both the temporary and the permanent crown.

Usually the makeover consists of no less than 6 teeth upper or lower teeth and at times both upper and lower teeth receive crowns and veneers in the transition.

Dental crowns last between 10 to 15 years. It Is not actually the crown that changes but the gums that recede with age. Consequently, dental crowns or caps are replaced to accommodate the receding gum line. Dentist often recommended a scale and polish every 6 months to keep maintenance up and ensure the hygiene.

Dental veneers last just as long and exactly as a dental crown, the usual change or reason to replace a dental veneer would come from gum changes and recession in the gum line with an over exposed lower tooth and that dark line that appears at the neck of the tooth root.

Besides dental crowns which are required for a smile makeover there may be more treatments needed. This includes scenarios where a missing tooth would require a dental implant and cost $3404 for a non-complex placing and matching porcelain crown.

These days patients opt for same day dental implant in the smile line area and a temporary crown – all within 10 hours. This same day dental implant treatment in Perth costs $2440 all-inclusive. The reason for the emphasis on the temporary crown in the smile line is to protect the gingival shape around the tooth and prevent further gum surgery down the line due to a gum line that has changed shape.

Dental Implant Placements is the cheapest implant clinic in town for this state of art treatment which also includes a temporary implant abutment alongside a platform switching.

Platform switching is an approach that limits bone loss in dental implant treatment and highly recommended for all the implants we place.

The length of the temporary dental implant crown is a few microns shorter and this protects the temporary implant crown from the occlusion.

Colour matching of any dental work in a makeover is critical and involves the dental technician’s participation.

We have a meeting with Dr Jose’ Nunes alongside our dental technician as we discuss and decide on length, colour, shade, hue and transparency on the caps or crowns to be produced.

From start to finish a full mouth makeover will take a few days. The dental technician most often schedules a follow-up with the patient to view the “biscuit phase”. This is prior to any work on colour, shade etc. Again, the dentist, technician and patient discuss modifications. This biscuit form is critical as the patient might have a complete change of heart and any changes are easily done at this stage. All three parties involved in the process need to have the exact same vision and work together towards the end goal.

A major change such as a smile makeover must happen in a transitional stage.

One critical aspect of a smile makeover with Dr Nunes, is the fact that our temporary dental crowns are produced to the length and shape of the new proposed crowns. The various visits to the dental lab at biscuit form and contribution of all three parties ensures that the process in on track and the patient receives an informed, multi-professional approach to the treatment.

We emphasize that without the steps we have mentioned above, there are too many technical and clinical decisions the patient could not agree with. When manufacturing the temporary crowns in the length and shape of the proposed treatment, the patient has absolute peace of mind in advance.

Regarding aesthetic outcome alongside patient expectation – both must align in order for an ultimate result in a smile makeover. Do not hesitate contacting us for a consultation and please bring along:

  • Any x-rays taken over the last 2 years
  • Old photos from 20’s onward
  • Any side profile smiling photographs from previous years
  • Photographs or pictures of what you imagine your new crowns

This consultation is the first step of the process and set aside for patient evaluation.

Perhaps what a patient would like might compromise their mouth and cause occlusion. We will advise the patient accordingly.

There is an alarming rate of patients seeking a smile makeover, who are offered treatments such as all on 4 which require every tooth in the mouth to be extracted. We do not support this kind of treatment and do everything in our willpower to advise patients not to use their super annuation or take out excessive loans.

The secret to a cost-effective smile makeover is in the price, the qualification of the dentist who offers the service as well as the techniques and procedures that are carried out.

There are 10 questions you could ask in advance to ensure that the dentist does have safety measures in place to provide successful treatment:

  • Will the temporary dental crowns be the shape and size of the proposed smile makeover?
  • Will the dental technician be available for the colour consultation?
  • Does the technician provide the biscuit form stage for the patient to see?
  • Can the patient make changes during the biscuit phase?
  • Will the patient be photographed and speech analysis take place prior to treatment?
  • How many smile makeovers has the dentist done?
  • Is there lab work available for the patient to see?
  • How detailed are the crowns?
  • Will the crowns have a hue and transparency?
  • What is the proportion size the dentist has decided on?
  • How long does a smile makeover take?

A smile makeover could take as little as 20 days or should the patient have missing teeth, the additional dental implant treatments could add a further 3 to 6 months, depending on the desired outcome.

The longest time could follow the use of orthodontics during a smile makeover. Orthodontic treatment can take anytime from 18 months to 36 months depending on the client’s condition.

The main reason for orthodontic procedures would be the occlusion and to ensure the ultimate result for a patient. We often have patients who undergo this treatment. To complete the process, we place the crowns or veneers during the final stages.

Should a patient plan on having a dental implant, orthodontic work should be completed prior to any tooth or teeth implant treatments. The reason for this is that the implant fuses to the bone and unlike teeth, an implant cannot move. For the ultimate smile makeover, the treatment protocol is usually orthodontics, followed by dental implants and lastly veneers or crowns complete the treatment.

There are various other treatments that could form part of the process. A patient may, for example, require gum surgery for altering the shape of gum levels or teeth whitening to change and lighten teeth that have discoloured over time. Inlays on onlays to replace old fillings might also be necessary. An onlay costs approximately $670 and a full tooth crown, $999.

The number one concern from a smile makeover is post care and a patient who grinds their teeth or suffers from stress and temporomandibular disorder will definitely require a bite-plate.

A bite-plate is a custom-made dental lab appliance that is made specifically for the patient.

It is a fantastic relief to this daily activity which causes havoc to the mouth. In order to prevent any post smile makeover clinical problems and should the mouth present with grinding or bruxism, we would make this a requirement. The cost of a customised bite plate is between $440 and $660 depending on the exact appliance specifications and clinical requirements in order to prevent any dental crowns from wearing down unnecessarily through the habit of bruxism and TMJ disorder.

If you are not sure, a dentist would easily advise if the patient does indeed suffer and would advise accordingly or suggest the TMJ treatment alongside the smile makeover to prevent long term side effects. Contact 0893154514 or after hours 0434998258 to make a booking with Dr Nunes.