Wisdom Teeth Removal in Perth

Wisdom Teeth Removal Perth

Have you been advised you need removing your Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom Teeth removal consult Perth:

Cost $55 for your Consult, and this includes your OPG/ Panoramic X-ray (Full mouth) to ascertain the position of teeth. 4 Teeth Costs $1199

Where the Wisdom Teeth are sitting and The $1199 cost for you on removing all 4 of your Wisdom Teeth is achievable or email us a copy of your Current X-rays, we could provide a quote, BUT we need an X-ray. Dr Jose’ Nunes qualified in 1993 has 25 Years of Extensive Oral Surgery Experience wisdom teeth removal Perth Should and if we can wisdom teeth removal

  1. Tooth 38 Impacted wisdom Tooth – Dental Code 324
  2. Tooth 28 Impacted wisdom Tooth – Dental Code 324
  3. Tooth 18 Impacted wisdom Tooth – Dental Code 324
  4. Tooth 48 Impacted wisdom Tooth – Dental Code 324

Price List, Compare prices for wisdom removal in perth WA,Wisdom Teeth with Sedation required

What will your Health Care fund Contribute?

HCF, Medibank Private, HBF Wisdom Teeth fall under General Dental, and usually, 60 to 80% of the fee is covered. WE offer a FREE quote for your Wisdom teeth removal. Come in with your Health Fund card and Hicaps can provide UPFRONT Quotes for you on the Wisdom Teeth Dental Codes required.

If I am quoted to remove my wisdom teeth, can it cost more?

Not at all, at our clinic should we provide a quote on sight of your Xray – This is the FINAL price of your Wisdom Teeth removal in Perth The cost for Removal of Impacted wisdom teeth removal Perth.

How are Impacted Wisdom Teeth removed?

Impacted wisdom teeth removal Perth In many cases, wisdom teeth removal is no different from extractions of any other teeth. The dentist / oral surgeon will widen the tooth socket by using a straight instrument and a pair of dental forceps; the tooth will be moved from side-to-side until loose enough to be removed completely.

In deeply impacted cases, the dentist will make an incision in the gums or may remove some bone that locks the impacted tooth into position. The incision is closed with stitches, which are mostly resorbable after 21 days. A resorbable stitch will fall out on its own. The whole procedure can take between 20 and 55 minutes. Impacted wisdom teeth removal Perth.

Potential problems when wisdom teeth erupt or don’t erupt

Impacted wisdom teeth removal Perth Problems start when wisdom teeth become heavily impacted. Infection and inflammation develop in and around the gingival tissue covering the affected tooth. You will notice swollen red, inflamed gums, pain, and a general feeling almost Flu-like reaction.

The teeth adjacent to the wisdom teeth can also be affected by the inflammation of the gums and surrounding bone or even decay (cavities)if food gets trapped between the wisdom teeth and adjacent teeth. In some cases, an abscess can form around the impacted wisdom teeth, which destroys the surrounding bone, or damages with drastic ramifications on the surrounding teeth and gums.

Antibiotics are usually be prescribed to help heal any infections, but in most or at least 99% cases removal of the impacted wisdom teeth or impacted wisdom tooth is the only permanent solution. Impacted wisdom teeth removal Perth.

General and Local Anesthetic – What is required?

Impacted wisdom teeth removal Perth Your dentist or Specialist will explain the process of impacted wisdom teeth removal. Critical details will be required for your Dr from your entire medical history, including medicines you are currently taking at present time , any known surgery/anesthesia/local anesthesia related problems, or if you are prone to heavy bleeding etc.

Your dentist may choose to take some further X-ray images of your mouth before and during surgery. Usually, the operation is done under local anesthetic at least 98% of the time, This EXCELLENT local procedure which completely blocks the pain from your teeth and gums while you stay awake, and always the First choice to prevent a patient from undergoing a general anesthetic.

However, if the impacted wisdom teeth are difficult to remove or you feel incredibly anxious about the procedure, general anesthetic may be your preferred option. This allows you to sleep through your surgery. Your surgeon will advise when to eat and drink before and after surgery. You are usually required to fast between 6 and 12 hours before your surgery if done under general anesthetic.

You should have a light meal and some fluids an hour before your surgery if done under local anesthetic. At our Clinic on Leach Highway we easily accessible to Booragoon, Myaree, Mount Pleasant and All of South of River wisdom teeth removal Perth.

After Care Post Surgery

After a wisdom tooth removal of impacted teeth, you will need to take it easy for a while. Do not drive on the same day if you have had any sedation or general anesthesia. Arrange for some help at home for the next day or so. We advise at least two days off work or school, and we prefer to remove Wisdom teeth on a Friday as it allows the patient the weekend to recover.

Bear in mind swelling can stay for 5 to 15 days. Ice is an excellent help with swelling, and using a bag of frowns peas molds nicely around the cheek /jaw area. Painkillers will always be recommended for up to a week after surgery. Bleeding after surgery is common, we suggest biting down a BLACK tea bag (slightly dampened).

We will advise of any possible complications, risks, or side effects associated with your impacted wisdom teeth removal. What to eat or drink, If you have any concerns about your treatment, please ask Tess on 0893154514 or AH 0434998258 Impacted wisdom teeth removal Perth. Wisdom Teeth will not require a Dental Implant after removal.